Happy Birthday Renuka Shahane: Know Her Full Love Story with Ashutosh Rana

Renuka Shahane was confused about marriage with Ashutosh Rana after the first marriage broke up. They got married after 2.5 years of dating.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Bollywood actress and director Renuka Shahane is celebrating her 55th birthday on 7 October. Renuka Shahane is married to Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana and lets us tell you that the love story of both of them is quite filmy. Ashutosh and Renuka first met during the shooting of a film by director Hansal Mehta. They were met by singer Rajeshwari Sachdev.

Love story progressed like this

Till that time Ashutosh knew a little about Renuka, but Renuka was completely ignorant of him. Ashutosh fell in love with seeing Renuka in the very first meeting. In an interview, Ashutosh had told that in the first meeting itself. I told Renuka- 'We are your big fans.' Renuka was very happy to hear this. After this, the two did not meet for several months. After talking for about 3 months, the two met on 31 December 1998 and gradually came closer.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Rana told- 'I was determined that I would force Renuka to say I love you. While narrating an anecdote, he told- 'Renuka was shooting in Goa, so I recited a poem to her on the phone. In this poem, I had written everything – agreement, denial, silence, emptiness, and squinted eyes. After listening to this poem, Renuka told me I love you. Hearing this, I went mad with happiness, but I told him – let's talk together.

Renuka's mother was confused about marriage

Renuka was divorced. She was earlier married to Marathi theater director Vijay Kenkre. In such a situation, there was some doubt in Renuka's mind about marriage, but Ashutosh had nothing like that in mind. Renuka's mother was also a little confused about their marriage. Actually, not because this was Renuka's second marriage, but because Ashutosh Rana was from a small village in Madhya Pradesh and there are 12 people in his family. However, after about two and a half years of meeting, both of them got married. Ashutosh and Renuka have two sons, Shauryaman and Satyendra.

Educates parents on a safe environment for children

Image Credit: Mid-Day
Image Credit: Mid-Day

Renuka Shahane returns to anchoring with the new season of Crime Patrol, which highlights crimes against children and committed by them. "I have hosted a wide variety of shows, but this is the first time I am delving into this genre. There is a lot of your own personality that comes across as a host, but you cannot cross a certain line, when you deal with a serious subject," shares the actor-director.

"Crime against youngsters is the worst, they are the most vulnerable members of the society and can be victims of various forms of violence. The show also addresses parents, and how they can create a secure environment," says Shahane. Adding how important it is to make "digital footprints safer as technology is an important part of a child's daily life". On the show, the actor not only plays the host but is a friend to parents making them aware of the situations that can harm children.

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