Fans Realise Anushka Sharma and American Singer Julia Michaels Look Similar

The picture of Michaels, which was shared by her official Instagram account, was flooded with people comparing the two ladies. Many also tagged the official accounts of Anushka Sharma and husband Virat Kohli.
Fans Realise Anushka Sharma and American Singer Julia Michaels Look Similar

From Prime Minister Narendra ModiIndian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri to actor Salman Khan, images of their lookalikes has gone viral on social media. Now, adding to the long list Anushka Sharma's doppelganger, who was spotted and shared on Twitter by user SRKsEnorita1.

Anushka Sharma fans would argue that she is the one and only. Virat Kohli would fight tooth and nail to prove it. But the truth is stranger. Turns out, there is someone very similar to Anushka.

At least, someone whose facial resemblance to the actress is uncanny. The internet was able to locate Anushka's doppelganger. Interestingly, this time it was not someone from walking down the street who claimed the position, as it happens in the case of celebrity doppelgangers usually. This time, the look-alike is a celebrity herself.

Twitter and Instagram are flooded with collages of Anushka with American singer-songwriter Julia Michaels. We, too, are amazed by how similar the two women look.

We don't know how this resemblance came to notice or of whom. But one thing led to another on the internet and now, Julia X Anushka is a legit meme.

"Nushkie @AnushkaSharma is that really you? I really got confused but both of you are beautiful @CozIGotIssues Hi Julia Nice to see u here," tweeted the user along with a picture of the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor and singer Julia Michaels.

The picture of Michaels, which was shared by her official Instagram account, was flooded with people comparing the two ladies. While many tagged the official accounts of Sharma and husband Virat Kohli, there were others who urged Michaels to check out the actor's profile to see the similarity between the two.

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