BB OTT: Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh Started liking former connection symbol Sahajpal

These days a lot of drama and fights are being seen in the reality show Bigg Boss OTT, which is being streamed on Voot.
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar
Image Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

These days a lot of drama and fights are being seen in the reality show Bigg Boss OTT, which is being streamed on Voot. A week before the show, Prateek Sahajpal broke the connection with Bhojpur actress Akshara Singh and made singer Neha Bhasin his partner. There is a lot of quarrel between the three after the connection is broken and formed. After which Akshara Singh has now expressed her feelings to Neha about Prateek.

It is seen in the episode streamed on Tuesday that after several fights. Akshara Singh reached Neha Bhasin to clear her grievances. During this, Akshara gave the reason for her displeasure and said that she had started liking her former connection symbol. During the debate, Akshara had told Neha, 'I have an eye on my man', on which both of them had a lot of quarrels. Giving clarification on this, Akshara said that she had started liking Prateek, so she said that I have an eye on my partner. Later Neha apologized to him and said that he had felt after breaking the connection, but was not aware of this earlier.

Akshara warns Neha

Further, Akshara explained to Neha that Prateek used to abuse her a lot. And she has made a connection with the singer for fame. The singer was annoyed after hearing this, but later he sought clarification from Prateek about this.

Shamita Shetty also expressed feelings

In the recently streamed episode, it was seen that Raqesh Bapat's connection to Shamita Shetty was furious. When Divya Aggarwal's lipstick was found in her pocket. On this, Shamita told Neha that if she likes someone, then she is very positive for him.


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Let us tell you that this week the process of nomination in Bigg Boss house was very different. A letter had come from the house of every connection. Which every contestant had to give up and secure his partner from nomination. In this process, Nishant Bhatt, Shamita Shetty have saved Muskaan Jatana and Raqesh Bapat after tearing the letters from their house. On the other hand, both Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba have torn their letters due to lack of consent, due to which both have been nominated. Since Divya Agarwal had no connection, she is nominated straight away. While Prateek and Neha Bhasin are safe being the boss men and boss-lady of the house.

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