AR Rahman's Concert In Pune Sparked Controversy For Exceeding The Allotted Time Limit

Thousands of concertgoers were left unhappy when the Oscar-winning AR Rahman's mega-concert was interrupted in the middle.
AR Rahman's Concert In Pune
AR Rahman's Concert In Pune

On Sunday night, renowned music composer A. R. Rahman performed in Pune. The event was halted by Pune Police. As a result, the fans are dissatisfied. The cops stormed the stage and confronted Rahman. Senior police inspectors took the action. 

The event was conducted in the Raja Bahadur Mill region of Pune. The enchanting strains of music and the fascinating voice of the great composer, AR Rahman, filled the air on a breezy Sunday evening.

The maestro's performance had the crowd moving to the rhythm of his tunes, transported in a world of beautiful euphony.

Musical performance by A. R. Rahman
Musical performance by A. R. Rahman

Soulful evening ended at 10 PM

The musical performance by A. R. Rahman began at 8 p.m. on Sunday and was slated to end at 10 p.m. The play, however, ran beyond its time limit, leading a senior police inspector to intercede and approach the stage. 

The officer ordered Rahman to stop performing and threatened him with legal action if he did not comply. Rahman then abruptly terminated the show and exited the stage.

The cop approached the music legend during a performance of his superhit song "Chal Chaiyya, Chaiyya" and ordered that the show be stopped immediately. The renowned music director did as he was told.

The audience, which had been enjoying the performance for more than two hours, erupted in a loud disturbance when a police officer entered the platform and ordered Rahman to stop performing.

AR Rahman posted photos on Instagram

The musician exited the stage gently, without making any noise or making any remarks. Despite the crowd's continued screams of dissatisfaction, the concert was called to a close, and the venue was cleared by early morning.

AR Rahman posted photos from the occasion to his Instagram account on Monday. The actor made no mention of the incident in his writing. However he stated that he would be returning to Pune. 

"Pune!" he captioned it. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm last night! It was a wild ride of a concert! It's no surprise that Pune has a thriving classical music scene! We'll be returning soon to sing again with you all." 

AR Rahman's Concert In Pune
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