Today Last Day to File Nomination for Haryana Assembly Election 2019

Many people including former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Cabinet Minister Krishnalal Panwar have filed their nomination
Today Last Day to File Nomination for Haryana Assembly Election 2019

Today is the last day for filing nominations for Haryana Assembly Election 2019. So far, many veterans, including former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda and State Transport Minister Krishnalal Panwar, have filed their nomination papers. During the nomination in Panipat, BJP and Congress workers went face to face outside the small secretariat complex. There were fierce slogans between the workers of both the party.

Till Thursday, 586 candidates had filed nominations for the 90 assembly seats in Haryana. The enrollment of nominations started on Friday. Former Chief Minister and Congress candidate Bhupendra Singh Hooda filed his nomination papers from Garhi Sampala Kiloi constituency before the SDM of Sampala.

Former MP Deepender Singh Hooda, Bhupendra Singh Hooda's wife Asha Hooda, Maham candidate Anand Singh Dangi and other leaders were also present on the occasion. Before the nomination, Hooda performed a havan with his wife at his home. Before the nomination, Hooda also addressed a public meeting. The public meeting was also addressed by former MP Deepender Singh Hooda and other leaders.

State Transport Minister Krishnalal Panwar filed his nomination in the Small Secretariat in Panipat. BJP and Congress workers came face to face outside the small secretariat in Panipat. The activists of both the parties shouted slogans waving the flags of their parties.

State Minister Manish Grover filed nomination papers from Rohtak seat as BJP candidate. Dr. Anil Jain, in charge of Haryana BJP, Baba Balak Nath, MP from Alwar also reached for filing his nomination.

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