Roadshows & Bike Rallies Banned in Himachal By-elections due to Covid Protocols

The Election Commission has become strict regarding the violation of Corona rules during the by-elections in Himachal Pradesh.
Roadshows & Bike Rallies Banned in Himachal By-elections due to Covid Protocols

The Election Commission has become strict regarding the violation of Corona rules during the by-elections in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer C. Palrasu has issued strict instructions to the political parties including the election officers of all the districts to ensure that the Covid protocol is followed.

Crowd is gathering more than the prescribed number

Otherwise the Election Commission will take strict action. In the election rallies of political parties, the Covid protocol is constantly being disregarded. The crowd is gathering more than the prescribed number. In such a situation, the risk of spreading corona infection has increased. All necessary arrangements have been made at the state and district level to deal with every situation.

Assembly constituencies have been asked

Instructions have been given to appoint health nodal officers at the state, district and assembly constituency levels. The concerned District Election Officers and Election Officers at the level of district and assembly constituencies have been asked to take necessary steps in coordination with health officials. Himachal Election Commission has become completely strict regarding Corona.

Negligence will not be necessary at polling stations

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

The District Election Officer (Deputy Commissioner) has been ordered to ensure the availability of thermal scanners, sanitizers, soap and water, gloves, face shields, masks etc. at the polling stations. There are instructions to maintain social distancing at polling stations, training places, dispatch and collection center's.

Door to door vote seeking permission with 5 persons

During the election campaign, strict guidelines have been given to all the candidates and their representatives and the political parties concerned to ensure compliance of the Covid-19 rules. Door to door campaign can be run with 5 persons including candidates and their representatives. Road shows and motor, bike, cycle rallies will not be allowed. The availability of space and presence of more than 50 spectators in a cluster point will have to be ensured during the campaign through video medium.

The vehicle will have 50 percent seating capacity

The use of vehicles for campaigning has been limited and the total number of vehicles allowed (excluding star campaigners) for a candidate/political party has been fixed at a maximum of 20. This too will have 50% of the seating capacity per vehicle. However 2 vehicles with a maximum of 3 persons will be allowed on the polling day. Vehicles engaged in security arrangements will be allowed as per the guidelines.

Indoor only 30 percent of the people will be able to come

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

For meetings to be held in the hall or other indoor venues, 30% of the permitted capacity or 200 persons may attend. A register will be maintained to count the number of people attending the meeting. In outdoor meetings or meetings, 50% of the capacity or 1000 in case of star campaigners and 50% of the capacity or 500 in all other cases is allowed. During the event, instructions have been given to close the entire area and to guard the police. The count of those entering the field will be monitored. The cost of siege, barricading will be borne by the candidate, party. So only those grounds which are fully barricaded will be used for rallies.

No more than 50 people will come in street meetings

A maximum of 50 persons will be allowed in the street meetings subject to the availability of space and compliance with the guidelines of Covid-19. There is a period of silence 72 hours before the end of the voting. The District Election Officer has been instructed to take appropriate measures to prevent crowding on the counting day. Proper distance and other corona safety protocols will have to be strictly followed at all times during the counting of votes.

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