Trending Jobs Around the World Required in 2021

Tech-enabled products and services, IT roles, and skills they provide will have an impact on tech jobs in 2021
Trending Jobs Around the World Required in 2021

The world of technology is changing at such a rapid pace that we have never felt it before. Organizations around the world are adopting new cutting-edge technologies. Also, a large number of organizations today are undergoing a digital transformation, along with the rapid transformation of tech-enabled products and services, IT roles, and skills they provide. This will have an impact on tech jobs in 2021 and the coming years.

IT roles such as cyber security, cloud computing, and network technology are increasingly focused on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR&VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, through these observations, we have identified some important job roles that companies need to transform their business and future processes.

Cyber security analyst

Image Credit: University of the Potomac
Image Credit: University of the Potomac

The role of cyber security analysts is to manage risk in the organization using relevant tools and techniques, identify vulnerabilities to risk management, and collect critical end-point and network host data.

Network Engineer

The Network Engineer includes coordination between the cloud and traditional networking resources to facilitate business operations. This person needs to know about the technical network components (such as routers, edge devices, microdata centers), etc.

Vulnerability Assessment Manager

The role of the penetration tester is now more mature than ever. Today's pen tester does a lot more than just server hacking or using fancy security tools. Today's pen testers perform extensive and rigorous tests to identify unacceptable risks.

Technical support specialist

Gone are the days when help desk professionals used to fix PCs. Today's world needs more and better Tech Support Specialists than ever before; Today's tech support engineers are also capable of solving complex issues such as data management, authentication, and network troubleshooting.

Network analyst

Image Credit: CWJobs
Image Credit: CWJobs

Businesses are investing more in networks today as IoT has become the key to building tech-enabled products today. A large number of 'things have to be connected effectively and this is the factor that drives demand. However, in the years to come, Network Analyst will use his technical skills to understand how to apply it to provide real-time trading information on network traffic and its importance to the business.

Cloud engineer

Image Credit: TechRepublic
Image Credit: TechRepublic

Almost all businesses are shifting their on-prem systems to the cloud and adopting a hybrid approach with multiple vendors. In the coming years, cloud engineers will have to offer solutions that are a mix of multiple technologies. Gone are the days when an Amazon engineer only worked on AWS and a Microsoft engineer only knew about Azure.

Other trending jobs

  • Project Manager
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Specialist in Management and Organization
  • Fintech Engineer
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Organizational Development Specialist

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