Increasing Artificial Intelligence will Increase Unemployment and Jobless Population

Artificial intelligence will bring revolutionary changes in times to come, where people of every community will hear the effect. Many experts believe that employment will reduce with its arrival. So at the same time many scientists have even said that artificial intelligence is a threat to the entire population.
Increasing Artificial Intelligence will Increase Unemployment and Jobless Population

New Delhi: Artificial Intelligence has started expanding its scope rapidly. Traditional technology experts believe that every year in the field of technology, only 10 positions are being created in the graph of 100 posts reduced due to artificial intelligence. New positions are not being created as fast as jobs are being lost. Companies are creating talent by training fast to fill the gap coming from the Artificial Intelligence skill. This has been revealed in ET's report.

This means that if 100 jobs will vanish out due to Artificial Intelligence, then only 10 jobs will be created.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the technique where you teach the computer to work like a human being. Such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Here you direct the computer and it works according to you. Many researchers believe that with the help of artificial intelligence, computers are now becoming better than humans. It will not be wrong to say that the time to come will be of artificial intelligence which will create a different world.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost every field. New experiments are being done every day. Apart from this, things like playing chase, taking photos, treating cancer have also started happening with the help of artificial intelligence. With which one thing is certain that when Artificial Intelligence is fully developed, then there will probably be no need for humans to do the work.

3d rendering robot working with digital display
3d rendering robot working with digital display

The first research of Artificial Intelligence was done in 1956, after which it continues continuously. Artificial intelligence is being used in almost all industries including hotels, finance, farming, online shopping and other things. There are many such videos on the internet in which you will easily see robots serving people in hotels, restaurants.

People still have limited knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. If information about it is collected on the Internet, then two types of things emerge. The first tells about the newness, enthusiasm, publicity and its benefits associated with it, while on the other hand there is talk of its disadvantages. Where it is being said that the work that humans are currently doing will be done in the coming time through robots.

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