Redmi Note 7S Allegedly Explodes, Company says, ‘It’s a User’s Mistake’

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Series is quite popular in India. According to the report, the Redmi Note 7S has caught fire. The company has said that this damage is inspired by the user.
Redmi Note 7S Allegedly Explodes, Company says, ‘It’s a User’s Mistake’

Xiaomi is India's number-1 smartphone company and the Redmi Note series are quite popular. According to a news, Redmi Note 7S caught fire. This smartphone user has claimed that the phone was being used in a normal way and it was not even in the charge at the time of the fire.

According to the report, this incident is from Mumbai and Ishwar Chauhan has written full information on Facebook. He has written that Redmi Note 7S was purchased from Flipkart in October. The phone was placed on the table and suddenly the smell of burning started coming and when they saw the phone was burning.

The customer talked to Xiaomi and gave information about the case. After five days, Xiaomi checked the phone and found that it was not due to the phone or battery malfunction, but because of the customer. However, the customer has claimed on social media that they are not happy with the company's after sale service.

Xiaomi has issued a statement on this incident. The company has told TOI that this is a loss incurred by the customer. Vibration has said that the quality of Xiaomi's products is the company's first priority. Customers have expressed confidence in the company for the last five years. In this particular case, we have investigated very seriously and found that this damage has been done by an external force and hence it will be considered as a customer induced damage.

Significantly, earlier, a doctor from AIIMS Ankur had made a similar complaint. Till date, he had told Tech that the Redmi Note 4 was placed on the table and caught fire. Even then, the company had said that since the phone is torn, the company will refund half of its money with conditions. The condition was that by depositing this phone, the same phone was to be bought again and it would be reduced by half the money for them. Ankur was not happy with this and told to go to the Consumer Court.

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