OnePlus Users’ Data Breached: Phone Number, Home Address Information Leaked

OnePlus customers' data has been leaked once again. This time from phone number to shipping address are also included in this. The company has so far avoided telling how many people have leaked the data.
OnePlus Users’ Data Breached: Phone Number, Home Address Information Leaked

Chinese smartphone company OnePlus users have once again been affected by the data breech. The company has said that the customers name, email, contact number and address have been leaked. Although the company has said that the account password and payment information is safe.

Users who have been affected by this data leak have started sending notifications to the company by sending them notifications. Earlier in 2018, the data of 40 thousand customers was stolen. In this security breech, sensitive data of customers was stolen, including credit card details.

OnePlus has said in a blog that the security team has found that security has been breached from the company's website. In this process, the information of the customers has been stolen. Customer's order details are targeted. Whatever orders are made from the company's website are affected. If you have also ordered from the company's website, then it is possible that in this data breech your address must have been found by a hacker.

OnePlus has assured customers that their sensitive details like credit and debit card information are safe. The company has said that work is being done with Philahal authorities so that the matter can be investigated.

After the data leak, the company has defended itself, saying that the company has taken immediate steps to fix it and has ensured that this does not happen next. But the company has not yet clearly stated who is responsible for this. The big thing is that the company has not yet told how many customers have been affected by this.

In India, OnePlus smartphones are quite popular and in such a case, after one data leak, it is clear that the company's loyal customers will have doubts about security and privacy. Because this data leak can be very useful for hackers. Data is associated with shipping, so there is also a home address, which should be considered more serious.

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