Indian Army Test-Fired Israeli Anti-tank “Spike” at Mhow

The Israeli ATGM is fired on the shoulder and is very easy to carry.
Indian Army Test-Fired Israeli Anti-tank “Spike” at Mhow

The Indian Army has successfully test-fired Israeli-made anti-tank 'spike' missiles at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh. Through this missile, enemy tanks and bunkers can be destroyed in a blink of an eye. Officials said that the spike is a fourth generation missile that can hit any target up to a distance of 4 km. Terrorist targets can also be destroyed by this. The Israeli ATGM is fired on the shoulder and is very easy to carry.

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat and several commanders on Wednesday witnessed the trial of these newly purchased missiles. After receiving the missile, the army now hopes to increase its combat capability. The 'Spike' is deployed along the Line of Control in the Northern Command battlefield in Jammu and Kashmir. This will strengthen the security system along the country's border with Pakistan. According to experts, the spike can be used to destroy bunkers, shelters, infiltration bases and terrorist training camps close to the Line of Control.

The Spike ATGMS missile works on the principle of 'stain and forget'. This missile is fully portable and so powerful that it can destroy any tank within 4 km radius and destroy enemy bunker. Army sources said these anti-tank guided missiles and its launchers have been inducted along the Line of Control in the northern battlefield from 16-17 October. They are currently being used.

India is the 33rd country to use Spike

Israel had supplied a total of 210 missiles and 12 launchers in a deal worth Rs 280 crore under an 'emergency procurement' mechanism to the army. Earlier, India had canceled the deal. It is being told that the much-awaited deal was signed after the Indian Air Force increased the deployment of troops along the border after airstrikes on terrorist camps in Balakot.

Another feature of the fourth generation Spike missile is that after firing the missile, it can be diverted to the second target in the middle way. India is the 33rd country that is going to use this missile. So far 5000 missiles of SPIK have been fired, out of which 95 percent have achieved their target. Till now, India has been using the second generation France-made Milan-2 missile.

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