Neighbour was Blackmailing the Woman after Husband’s Death

During the illicit relationship made with her, the objectionable photo of the woman was taken from the mobile phone.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

After the death of her husband, closeness with a young man became a problem for the woman. On the pretext of marriage, the young man made illicit relations with a widowed woman. Take his objectionable photo from his mobile phone. Then he started beating after drinking alcohol. He started blackmailing her by threatening to make her objectionable photo viral.

He started pressuring her to keep the woman with him. Disturbed by this, the victim contacted the women police of Nirbhaya Squad in Jaipur with the help of women's helpline numbers. Told him the ordeal while crying. Then, police constables, Sangeeta and Sharmila arrested the accused youth. He was handed over to the Vidyadhar Nagar police station and put behind the bars.

Victim woman has passed away

DCP Richa Tomar said that the arrested accused Deepak Soni (27) is a resident of Major Shaitan Singh Colony, Vidyadhar Nagar. He works as a jeweler. At the same time, the husband of the 23-year-old victim woman has passed away. Since then she does household chores to meet the household expenses. He alleges that some time ago he met Deepak Soni during the work in the houses.

Image Credit: Rediff Mail
Image Credit: Rediff Mail

Then Deepak implicated him in things. On the pretext of marrying her, she grew closer and took advantage of the trust, and raped the woman. During the illicit relationship made with her, the objectionable photo of the woman was taken from the mobile phone. They even started living together occasionally. Meanwhile, Deepak started assaulting the woman while intoxicated.

Troubled by Deepak's antics, the victim started living separately, then blackmailed

According to DCP Richa, the woman left him after getting fed up with the antics of the accused Deepak. She started living separately. Then the accused Deepak started pressurizing the victim to stay with him. By threatening to defame him, he started threatening to make the objectionable photo viral. Eventually, the victim, troubled by the blackmailing and assault, took the help of the women's helpline numbers of the Jaipur Police Commissionerate. She told that she had earlier also made complaints in Vidyadhar Nagar police station.

Image Credit: DNA
Image Credit: DNA

Nirbhaya is with you, complain immediately about these numbers

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police and Nodal Officer of Nirbhaya Squad team Sunita Meena told that women and girls should be fearless because Nirbhaya is with them. In case of any problem, inform the control room of Jaipur Police Commissionerate on women helpline 100, 112, 1090 and WhatsApp helpline number 8764868200 and 7300363636. The women personnel of Nirbhaya Squad are continuously patrolling in plain uniform and if any mischievous harass you, then do not be afraid but complain.

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