Worries about BJP’s Credibility: Modi hold Meeting with Shah, Discussing Strategy to Improve Image?

BJP Group (Sangh) is worried about the next year's assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. On this basis, the Sangh held a meeting on Sunday.
Image Credit: ANI News
Image Credit: ANI News

The BJP Group (Sangh) is worried about the next year's assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. On this basis, the Sangh held a meeting on Sunday. It was also attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP National President JP Nadda. The meeting discussed the impact of Corona in Uttar Pradesh and its impact on elections.

News website quoted sources as saying that after this meeting in Delhi, major decisions can be taken at the party and organization level. So, to compensate for the damage done to the party's image before the elections in Uttar Pradesh. Dattatreya Hosabale of the Sangh and Sunil Bansal, the head of the organization in Uttar Pradesh were also present at the meeting. According to sources, due to Corona, the BJP's image has become a serious concern in the people, it was expressed in this meeting.

BJP worries – Direct attack on Modi

Image Credit: ANI news
Image Credit: ANI news

The BJP is troubled by the direct attacks on Modi during the second wave of Corona. The second wave has shaken the country. The government's preparations for health services have been revealed to everyone. In addition, the lack of vaccines, oxygen, beds and medicines has highlighted the drawbacks of preparedness.

Yogi government's credit hit due to corpses flowing in Ganga

Uttar Pradesh is among the states worst affected by Corona. The corpses flowing in the Ganges have put the truth of the deaths in the state in front of everyone. Questions are being raised on the Yogi government to handle the situation in Corona. There is also a question mark on whether the figures of Tests and Cases in Uttar Pradesh are true.

Nadda appeals to activists to help Corona affected

BJP President JP Nadda sent a letter to the BJP ruled states last week. It appealed to the activists not to hold any event on May 30 after the completion of 7 years of Modi's tenure. Nadda said that the workers should do social work on this occasion.

Nadda wrote to help the children who lost their parents in Corona. Help them in every possible way and ensure their better future. This is our social responsibility. There is an idea to launch this scheme on the completion of 7 years of Modi government in BJP ruled states. The BJP has asked the workers to also help in arranging beds, medicines and oxygen in the hospitals.

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