Rajasthan: 60% of 35 Children More Prone to get Infected by Parents

According to experts, in Jaipur, 35 school children have been found infected in November.
Rajasthan: 60% of 35 Children More Prone to get Infected by Parents
Children infected by ParentsImage Credit: First Post

The danger of the third wave of the corona is increasing in Rajasthan rapidly. Cases have been increasing continuously since last month. According to experts, children will be affected the most in the third wave of Covid. In Jaipur, 35 school children have been found infected in November. The special thing is that more than 60% of these children have been infected by their parents or any member of the household.

Children infected by Family Member

Jaipur CMHO Dr. Narottam Sharma said that out of all the children found positive in Jaipur, most of the children have been infected by some family members. Heretofore, in Jayshree Pediwal School, 12 children had come positive together in one day. No tracing has been done so far as to, How the infection came in these children? The number of children studying in regular schools who have been found infected is not more than 4-5. The remaining children who have been found infected are either studying online or have been not going to school for the last several days. These children came in the grip of other members while living in the houses.

Two children came positive in SMS

In Jaipur, for the first time after the school opened with 100% capacity from November 15, on November 16, 2 children were found positive from Sawai Mansingh School located on Tonk Road. When the team of CMHO Jaipur got the children to have contact tracing done, it was found that their parents had gone to a wedding ceremony a few days ago, after which both came out positive. When the children had mild cough and cold and got tested, they also came out positive.

Two and a half-year-old child died

On November 18, a two-and-a-half-year-old child died of corona in Chaumu town of Jaipur. When this child died, it was referred from JK Lone Hospital in RUHS three days back. However, how this child turned positive has not yet been caught in contact tracing.

Rajasthan: Corona Patient fled from SMS Hospital
Rajasthan: Corona Patient fled from SMS HospitalImage Credit: DB

12 children came Positive Altogether

In Jaipur, on 22 November, there was an explosion of the corona at Jayshree Pediwal School on Ajmer Road, when 12 children were found positive together. All these children had come here from other cities. However, no information has been received so far about how these children got infected. But it is believed that three days ago a girl child was found positive in this school. The girl was infected by her parents. All those who came positive lived with this girl in the hostel of the same school. When the random sampling was done by the school management, then these children were found positive.

What do experts say about this -

According to Dr. Virendra Singh, a member and senior pulmonologist in the Corona Management Committee, 90% of the people of the age group above 18 years have received a single dose of the vaccine and more than 50% of them have received both doses. This feeling has come into the minds of people that they are completely safe from Corona. Because of this, they are no longer following the Covid Appropriate Behavior. Without putting on masks, they are going out of the houses and getting infected. Due to good immunity, these people do not even show symptoms of infection, but when they come home, other members are getting infected by them. This is the reason that the cases of corona in children have started increasing. He said that those who have been vaccinated should still wear masks.

Children infected by Parents
Rajasthan: Corona Patient fled from SMS Hospital

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