Number of Non-Stop Flights to America Increased as Convenience of Students Focused

State-run Air India has doubled the number of flights in view of the increasing number of students going to the US.
Image Credit: ANI News
Image Credit: ANI News

State-run Air India has doubled the number of flights in view of the increasing number of students going to the US. Now 21 flights will go from India to America every week. Till now there were 10 flights a week.

The Visa process started in July-August

In fact, in view of the admission of students in America, the process of visa was started in July-August. After this, students had complained about the flights on social media. After this, Air India has taken this step. This flight of Air India to America has started on 7 August. Most of the students from India go to America.

Flights were reduced from 40 to 10

In the second wave of Corona, Air India reduced the number of its weekly flights from 40 to 10. In the second wave of Corona, the US banned travel from the Indian subcontinent from May 4. Starting on August 7, the maximum number of flights will be operated for New York. After that, it will run to Chicago and San Francisco.

Travel restrictions still in place

Image Credit: The Print
Image Credit: The Print

Although the US has not yet lifted the travel ban, the number of students going there has started increasing with the start of admission there. For this, there is an increase in visa applications. Air India has said in the information given on social media that it will run additional flights from Delhi to New York on 6, 13, 20 and 27 August. Booking for this can be done from its website, call centre and authorized travel agent.

Thousands of students have applied for the visa

Thousands of students applied for visas in July and August. These students do not need any proof of COVID-19 vaccination in the US. However, the negative report of RTPCR must be kept within 72 hours of the flight. The United States of America (USA) has approved Indian students for admission in the university at this time. Those who have valid F1 or M1 visas are eligible.

The embassy portal itself crashed

In mid-July, when the Embassy's portal was operational for the application, the website itself crashed as a large number of students were visiting the website. However, the US, Canada and Germany are also seeing a boom in visa applications at this time. In fact, universities in many countries are opening this month. According to sources, some countries including Canada are looking at the priority system for student visa applications. Germany is also working on this.

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