Karnataka Government’s Decision, Swab Sample Can be Given in Private Hospitals

The government has approved private hospitals to collect swabs amid increasing cases of coronavirus in Karnataka and now, the list of about 70 hospitals has been extracted.
Karnataka Government’s Decision, Swab Sample Can be Given in Private Hospitals
Image Credit: New Indian Express

Amidst increasing cases of Coronavirus in Karnataka, now the state government has taken another decision. Now, special clinics and swab collecting centers will be set up in most private hospitals in the state, so that people can get benefit of it easily.

In the order issued by the government on Wednesday, the names of 66 private hospitals or medical colleges have been issued. As the cases are increasing, the need to collect fever center and swab is more, due to this, the decision has been taken.

Image Credit: National Herald
Image Credit: National Herald

The government's intention is that if anyone comes to these centers for investigation, then they should be investigated so that the symptoms of coronavirus can be detected. This is the reason that many hospitals have been given this permission simultaneously. The rate for collecting swab has also been fixed, for this only 350 rupees will have to be paid.

Let us tell you that the cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly in Karnataka. So far, 9800 cases have been reported here and if you compare with other states, Karnataka's model has been highly praised and the Center has asked other states to follow it.

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