Ireland Scientists Claim, Blood Clotting May Be The Reason For Long Covid

Blood clotting is a major reason for long covid in patients. This claim has been made by the scientists of Ireland in their research
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Blood clotting is a major reason for long covid in patients. This claim has been made by the scientists of Ireland in their research. Scientists say if there is a change in fatigue and physical fitness in the body, patients need to be tested whether there are blood clots in them.

Researchers from Ireland's RCSI University of Medical and Health Science, who conducted the research, say, we studied 50 people battling long Covid. The goal of doing the research was to find out whether the reason for this was blood clotting.

As a result, the clotting markers responsible for clots were increased in patients with long covid compared to healthy people. These clotting markers were further increased in patients who were admitted to the hospital after a corona infection.

What is Long Covid?

There is no medical definition of long covid. In simple language, it means to keep showing some symptoms even after the virus is gone from the body. The patients of Covid-19 whose report has come negative are facing problems even after months. Long covid is the persistence of symptoms for a long time even after recovery from Covid-19.

Blood clotting is also a symptom of long covid

Researcher Helen Fogarty says research has revealed that blood clotting is also a symptom of Long Covid Syndrome. In such patients, the cases of swelling are decreasing, but the clots have increased.

According to Researcher Prof. James O'Donnell, after understanding the real cause of Long Covid, it can now be treated effectively because millions of people are battling it around the world.

More than 200 symptoms can be seen in such patients

Image Credit: The Telegraph
Image Credit: The Telegraph

Researchers from University College London say that patients with Long Covid can show more than 200 symptoms related to 10 organs. After the report came negative, scientists studied the patients who were showing symptoms. The report revealed that the most common symptoms in Long Covid patients were fatigue, restlessness, and loss of thinking ability. Apart from this, symptoms such as shivering, itching, changes in women's periods, sexual dysfunction, heart palpitations, inability to control the bladder that stores urine, memory loss, blurred vision, diarrhea, hearing voices, and ringworm have also been seen.

How long the symptoms will last, difficult to say

Athena Akrami, a neuroscientist at University College London, says that very little information has been found about what kind of symptoms will be seen in such patients. This is because, as time passes, the symptoms start showing up. How serious they will be and how they will affect everyday life, is also known later.

Research so far has shown that in the case of long covid, symptoms can continue to appear after 35 weeks. The risk of this happening is up to 91.8%. Out of 3,762 patients who participated in the research, 3,608 i.e. about 96% of the patients had such symptoms even after 90 days. At the same time, there were 65% of the patients in whom the symptoms were visible for 180 days.

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