Green Pass to Covishield in 8 Countries of Europe

On Thursday, 8 countries of Europe have included CoviShield in the list of approved vaccines by giving them a green pass.
Image Credit: ANI news
Image Credit: ANI news

There is a debate between India and the European Union (EU) regarding the green pass of the vaccine. Meanwhile, on Thursday, 8 countries of Europe have included CoviShield in the list of approved vaccines by giving them a green pass. That is, Indians taking both doses of CoviShield in these countries will be exempted from the corona rules.

According to media reports, countries that have given approval include Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland. Earlier on Wednesday, India had warned Europe. India had clearly said that if the Medical Agency (EMA) of European countries does not include CoviShield and Covaxin in the Green Pass, then we will also not accept the vaccine certificate of these countries. In such a situation, citizens of European countries will also be quarantined in India.

EU has Eased Travel Restrictions

The European Union has eased travel restrictions under its 'Green Pass' scheme. According to sources, India has appealed to the 27 member states of the European Union to consider separately on allowing Indians who have been vaccinated against CoviShield and Covaxin to travel to Europe.

Source: Google / Image credit: ANI News
Source: Google / Image credit: ANI News

The European Union's digital COVID certificate scheme 'Green Pass' has come into force from 1 July. Under this, a person taking a registered vaccine during the corona epidemic will be allowed to go to countries with green passes. According to sources, India has told the European Medical Agency that the certificates of people vaccinated in India can be verified on the Cowin portal. India has said that it will also exempt people who bring green passes from mandatory quarantine.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar has also raised the issue

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had raised the issue of including CoviShield in the EU's digital COVID certificate scheme during a meeting with EU representative Josep Borrell Fontelles on Tuesday.

EMA had given green pass approval to only 4 vaccines

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Union's agency, had earlier approved only four Covid-19 vaccines for green pass. These include BioNTech-Pfizer Comirnaty, Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaxzevria and Johnson & Johnson's Janssen.

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