Corona Returned to China: Xi Jinping Govt Imposed Lockdown in Lanzhou City

Lanzhou City is the capital of the northwestern province of Gansu. The population here is more than 40 lakhs.
Image Credit: The Hindu
Image Credit: The Hindu

Coronavirus infection is increasing in many parts of China. Because of this, the Chinese government has imposed a lockdown in the northwestern city of Lanzhou. The administration has ordered that people will be allowed to come out of the house only in case of emergency. 29 new cases of domestic infection of corona have been found in China, out of which 6 cases are from Lanzhou. Lanzhou City is the capital of the northwestern province of Gansu. The population here is more than 40 lakhs.

Strict monitoring of the movement of people in Lanzhou

Officials said the movement of people in Lanzhou would be closely monitored. People will be allowed to step out of the house for the supply of essential things or medical treatment. The gathering of local citizens has been banned.

Movement of people limited at tourist sites

The Chinese administration is very alert about the increasing corona cases. Thousands of people in northern China have been told to stay at home. Also, the movement of people on tourist sites has been limited. Locals have been advised to go out of the city only when necessary.

Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Lockdown in the city of Aijin in Inner Mongolia

In China, the infection is increasing due to the delta variant of the coronavirus. On Monday, people in Aijin County, Inner Mongolia, were asked to stay home. Aijin has a population of 35,700. They have been instructed to strictly follow the Covid restrictions. Aijin is one of the hotspots of Corona. More than 150 new infected have been found here last week.

Corona infection spread in 11 states of China

China's National Health Commission has warned that in about a week, the Covid infection has spread to 11 states. The situation will worsen in the coming days. In the capital Beijing, the number of corona infected has increased to 21. In the parts of the country where the corona infection continues, people from there will have to follow certain conditions to come to Beijing. They will get entry into the capital only when they show the Covid test report. This report should not be more than 2 days old. Also, their health will be monitored for 2 weeks.

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