Jaipur: 'It is not for Me Alone, I have to give up to the Top', says Inspector caught taking Bribes

Drug inspector Sindhu kumari has been caught red-handed by the Anti Corruption Bureau in Jaipur while taking a bribe of rupees five thousand.
Drug inspector Sindhu kumari

Drug inspector Sindhu kumari

By- Rishabh Jain

As soon as she was arrested, She bluntly said that it is not for me alone, I have to pay up to the top, if I do not give, they say that I will get transferred to Bikaner.

A shocking case has come to light from Rajasthan where a lady inspector has been caught red-handed while taking a bribe.

In charge of inspection of 500 stores

Sindhu Kumari, who was arrested, had the responsibility of inspecting 500 medical stores in Jaipur and used to collect five thousand rupees every month from each store. Ten days back, a drug shop owner had complained to the Anti-Corruption Bureau that for many years, Drug Inspector Sindhu Kumari takes 5000 rupees.

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Drug inspector Sindhu kumari

She demands to Come home and give her money

Till date she have never checked any medicine shop, only demand is to come home and give money. she used to ask for money even for some small works. If you want to keep a new employee in the drug store , then she used to ask for money in return because according to the rules, information has to be given to the state inspector. The Anti-Corruption Bureau investigated this complaint for seven consecutive days and found it to be true, then laid a trap to track Sindhu Kumari, who had demanded a bribe of 10 thousand rupees.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau called Sindhu Kumari to a restaurant to take money and caught her red-handed there. Sindhu Kumari originally hails from Bihar and works here.

Fear of being transferred

Sindhu claimed that the officers threatened her to remove her and transfer her to Bikaner, if she did not give the money. That's why she was pressurising the merchants for every small work. Additional SP of ACB Bajrang Singh Shekhawat said the medical store owner filed a complaint with the ACB ten days ago.

The meeting was not important but bribe was

When Drug Inspector Sindhu Kumari was taking bribe, a meeting was going on in the medical department. She was being called but she reached the restaurant to take the bribe. She also had the responsibility of Jaipur's biggest medical business market Sethi Colony.

Currently, the allegations on Sindhu Kumari have caused turmoil in the drug sector. The Anti-Corruption Bureau will take quick action against the above staff after confirming this matter.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Drug inspector Sindhu kumari</p></div>
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