Know which Part of the Body is the most Harmed by the Omicron Variant...

This study done on mice clearly shows that the Omicron virus is less lethal than the virus originating from the Delta or Wuhan lab in China.


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The Omicron virus infection is rapidly spreading throughout the world, including India. However, when compared to the delta variant, the death toll from this virus is decreasing. This virus is being studied by scientists all the time. In the last few days, scientists have reported in six separate studies that the Omicron virus does not cause as much damage to the lungs as the Delta or any other Corona virus. The Omicron virus is most potent in the throat. Let us tell you what scientists think about Omicron.

Infects the throat cells quickly

According to Deenan Pillay, professor of virology at University College London, the ability of omicron to infect cells is different from previous forms of the corona. We can say that it has the ability to rapidly infect the cells of the throat. At the same time, it does not have much effect on lung cells. The Omicron virus causes rapid infection of the throat, making it more likely to spread. Whereas viruses that rapidly infect lung cells are less likely to spread.

Lung damage is reduced

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Lung Damage is reduced 

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The study, conducted by the NETS Lab of the University of Leuven in Belgium, found similar results from the University of Liverpool. Professor Johan Neyts, who was involved in the study here, said that this virus affects the upper respiratory tract more. This causes less damage to the lungs, making it less fatal.

Infection had a smaller impact than Delta

Researchers from the Molecular Virology Research Group at the University of Liverpool looked at the effects of Omicron virus infection on mice. According to Professor James Stewart, the study found that the Omicron virus is less sick for mice than the delta virus. The effect of infection with this virus is less visible.

Its effect on the weight of the rat is also less. At the same time, the effect of this virus on the respiratory system of the rat is less. This study done on mice clearly shows that the Omicron virus is less lethal than the virus originating from the Delta or Wuhan lab in China. However, scientists said that you should not forget that deaths are also happening due to the Omicron virus. In such a situation, you have to follow the Covid protocol.

Omicron is immune to the vaccine

After examining the blood of Omicron virus patients, Ravi Gupta of the University of Cambridge discovered that those who had previously been vaccinated were also infected with the virus. This virus is capable of evading vaccination. The virus, however, did not cause much damage to the lungs. Instead of taking samples from the nose to test for microns, Professor Jennifer Rohn of the University College of London believes that taking samples from the throat will be more effective. It has been observed that after taking a nasal sample, the report is negative. Simultaneously, after taking a sample from the throat, the report is positive.

Those receiving booster doses experience less of an effect

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Booster doses 

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According to a study published in the journal Nature by American researchers, the Omicron virus had no significant effect on the rat's weight. The University of Glasgow's Center for Virus Research discovered evidence that omicron altered the way it entered the body. Those who received two doses of the vaccine had a better chance of surviving Omicron immunity. However, the virus's effect on those who received the booster dose was reduced.

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