Yatin Prepared Automatic Cooking Machine, Know how you can Prepare your Favourite Dish

Yatin Varachhiya of Gujarat has designed a machine that automatically prepares any food in a few minutes. The name of this machine is NOSH. It can prepare 120 types of delicious dishes
Yatin Prepared Automatic Cooking Machine, Know how you can Prepare your Favourite Dish
Image Credit: Bhaskar

In today's hectic life, cooking every day is a difficult task. Most working professionals don't get the time to cook. There are also many people who try, but they are not able to cook the kind of food they want to eat. Sometimes the amount of salt, oil, and spices in the food becomes more or less. To avoid this, people who eat mess or hotel food, start having health problems. To get the solution of this problem, Yatin Varachhiya, a resident of Gujarat, has designed a machine that automatically prepares any food in a few minutes. The name of this machine is NOSH. It can prepare 120 kinds of delicious dishes.

Had to eat outside food while away from home

Yatin is a resident of Kantwa, a small village in the state of Gujarat. He did his schooling till the 12th from the village itself then went to Bangalore for further studies. Where he completed a bachelor's in science from the Indian Institute of Science. After that, he got the job. For a few years, he worked in large companies. During working in a company, Yatin often had to go out. In such a situation, people could not get food of their choice. Even after marriage, she had to face this problem. When both husband and wife went to the office, there was no time to cook. He had also hired a cook to ease this problem, but he did not like the food cooked by him.

The idea generated to overcome the problem

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

Yatin, 34, says that I wanted to find a permanent solution to overcome this problem. I wanted us to make such a machine, with the help of which, without much effort, we can prepare favorite dishes in less time. After that, I talked to some of my friends about this idea. Most of my friends had the same problem. They could not even get proper food. Many people depended on ready-to-eat packed food, while some friends said that eating restaurant food, again and again, makes their stomach upset.

The machine was made in three years

In the year 2017, Yatin and his friends Amit Gupta, Pranav Rawal, and Sudeep thought of creating a device that would cook food and solve the problems of people like them. For this, everyone together invested Rs 15 lakh. He also got support from the government. With this, everyone did many experiments and made this machine by making 6 types of prototypes. It took him about three years to make it.

The machine runs on a mobile app

This machine looks like a microwave. It has separate slots for spices, oil, and water. There is a tray for cheese, vegetables, or meat. After adding the raw materials to it, you have to choose the dish according to your choice and in a few minutes, the food is ready like handmade food. This machine also takes the same amount of time to prepare food as a normal human. For example, it takes 15 minutes to make poha with this machine and 35 minutes to make a paneer dish. The most important thing is that no person is needed in this whole process. This machine prepares and delivers the food according to your requirement and recipe.

Machine equipped with artificial intelligence

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

The machine is equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and runs on a mobile app with which it can prepare dishes like Fish Curry, Matar Paneer, Gajar Ka Halwa, Poha,  Upma, Biryani, Kadhai Paneer, Chicken Khurchan, Garlic Prawn and Pasta. New dishes can also be added as per your taste.

Although making this machine was not so easy. To make it, Yatin and his friend Amit had to do many experiments. It was very difficult to prepare this machine according to each dish. For example, to bake semolina, we have to stir it with our hands for a long time. Or whether it is a vegetable like onion, hands are also used to fry it. So to make such things, a machine had to be installed accordingly.

Orders for machines coming from all over the country

He started marketing in June this year. They are marketing through their website and social media. So far, more than 500 orders for the machine have been received. It is priced at Rs 50,000, while on pre-order it comes for Rs 40,000. For pre-order booking, one thousand rupees will have to be paid in advance and the rest will have to be paid at the time of delivery. The complete procedure and information are available on their website.

A team of 15 people is working

If you order now, you will get this machine by January next year. That is, it will take 4 to 5 months. The taste of the food in this machine is just like the food made by hand. It does not require any kind of monitoring. Yatin is currently tasked with a team of 15 people who oversee the processing of the machine to the packaging. He says that this machine is user-friendly, which can be operated easily. Also, if anyone faces any kind of problem, then we also cooperate.

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