Twitter to Keep its Offices Closed till Monday amid Mass Resignation

Elon Musk had given an ultimatum to the employees of the organization to work hard with long hours or to leave the company.
Twitter Closes its offices till Monday to decide its future
Twitter Closes its offices till Monday to decide its future

After the great purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk has done a lot of changes to the organization for more efficient work and great ROI from the company.

Recently on Thursday, Musk sent a mail to the employees of Twitter, saying that the workload will be increased and they have to work more hours.

Those who still want to be part of the company will be welcomed, while those who do not agree with the terms can leave the company.

A lot of employees had gone through instability after listening to this, the email also said that those who want to stick around should respond to the email with a Yes by 5 PM on Thursday.

The remaining would be considered resigned from the company.

As the deadline approached, all the employees found it difficult to decide what to do and scrambled to find a good option.

During this, the Workplace App Blind, a platform that verifies employees through their emails and lets them share information anonymously, a poll regarding the decision was initiated, and 42 percent of the 182 participants voted to leave the company.

Stressed employees of Twitter
Stressed employees of Twitter

Only a quarter decided to stay at the company, and 7 per cent voted for "Yes, I'm a hardcore".

The company notified the employees about the closedown till Monday to cut the badge access of the employees who left the company. A source also notified that security has started kicking out the employees from the offices.

 started kicking out the employees
started kicking out the employees

Apart from that, the multi-millionaire Elon Musk also showcased a tweet about the high usage of Twitter recently.

Will this change be stable for Twitter? 

After the decision, Elon has tried to convince some of the most skilled engineers in the organization to stay but some of them already departed from the company.

On the evening of Thursday, the version of Twitter used by the employees already started to hang, arising a question about the stability of the organization in the future.

Now if Twitter starts to break down, "there is no one to fix it in the company", said an official.

Twitter Closes its offices till Monday to decide its future
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