Startup: Started Online Teaching Platform When Lockdown was Imposed, Now 22 Lakhs Turnover

The demand for online teaching has increased in the last few years. Especially after Corona, most of the students have shifted to the online platform. This is the reason why many new startups have emerged in this sector
Startup: Started Online Teaching Platform When Lockdown was Imposed, Now 22 Lakhs Turnover
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The demand for online teaching has increased in the last few years. Especially after Corona, most of the students have shifted to the online platform. This is the reason why many new startups have emerged in this sector. Neha Mujavadia, a resident of Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, has started such an online teaching platform, through which she is providing home tuition facilities to students across the country. More than 1 thousand teachers are associated with them.

Annual turnover is Rs 22 lakh

They provide tuition for every class and course from nursery to college level. It also includes other foreign languages ​​including German, French. Recently he has also started teaching Indian children living in America. At present, the annual turnover of his company is Rs 22 lakh.

Neha's family members opposed his studies

Neha's first education took place in her hometown. She tells that there was no place to study in my district. Very few children went to school. Especially for girls, the problem was more. Her family members did not send her to study. Everyone said what I should do after reading and writing, after all, I should go to my in-laws' house and make the same dishes, but I wanted to learn, I wanted to do something in my own strength. That is why I persevered in front of my family members and went on to study further.

Neha started teaching lessons to meet the need

After graduating in 2008, Neha came to Indore. She started preparing for an MBA here and also started teaching schools to meet his expenses. She used to teach lessons at other children's homes in Indore. In this way, the learning and teaching process continued for several years.

Meanwhile, her MBA studies were also completed. After this, her family members started calling her to return to the village, but Neha did not want to return to the village. She wanted to start a working platform for herself by staying in Indore. So she explained to family members and stayed in Indore for a while.

Neha says that while teaching lessons, I have noticed that most parents run after training their children. Many people also pay expensive fees, but their children do not receive a good education. With that in mind, I decided to start a project in this area. I already had some teaching experience, so it wasn't too hard.

The business started in 2018

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

In 2018, Neha began the start of a home tutorial called with a limited budget. Then 10 teachers were joined. All of them were teachers of various subjects. Neha and her friends regularly went from house to house in Indore teaching the children lessons. Gradually, identity in the city began to grow, one after another many parents began to communicate with her. In this way, his circle grew, and rightly so his team grew.

After Indore, Neha began his career at Bhopal. Her team also started teaching lessons to children there. Within a year, he had a large number of teachers and students. She started covering children's education from nursery to college.

Profit after corona

Neha said all schools and training centers were closed after Corona. Kids had to switch to online platforms. Because of this, we too had to open the Internet. With this, we have introduced a mobile app and website. So that we can provide children with a home teaching environment. It was a new platform for us, but we got a chance to learn a lot from it and expand our start

The main advantage of this is that we reach higher elevations before Bhopal and Indore. There is no disruption in our area. We have started covering children across the country with our online platform. As people became aware of us, they continued to associate with us. We recently received questions from Indians living in the United States and have begun teaching children there. Currently, more than 1 thousand teachers from across the country are associated with Neha. For those who teach online teaching to children in their homes, the number of students is in the thousands.

What is a Study Model?

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

The Neha team teaches children in both offline and online methods in Bhopal and Indore. While in some cities of the country, it offers courses only on online platforms. With this, you have configured the mobile app. After logging in, children find teachers according to their topics and schedule. In this case, everything is pre-arranged from the title, subject, time. In this regard, notifications and reminders are also sent to children's mobiles.

She tells us that we cover all subjects namely full education from nursery to college. In line with this, we also provide training facilities for various competitive exams. Most of our teachers teach children one by one. While some children have group study centers. This includes a maximum of 5 children. So that every child has a good time. Along with this, the biggest feature is that we teach children from different boards of the world in different languages. So that their minds are clear and they understand many more things.

Free education for poor children

Neha says many people's lives have been ruined because of Corona. Parents of many children have lost their lives. That is why we teach such children for free. So that their studies are not affected due to lack of funds.

How can you create your own online teaching platform?

After Corona, the demand for online teaching platforms has increased. Most teachers move to an online platform. Developing an online learning app does not require many budgets either. There are many such startups in the world that make a complete mobile system for 15 to 20 thousand rupees. That way you can start training online or you can start your own start by hiring teachers. Classplus makes an app like this for 20 thousand rupees that one can easily use. It has resources ranging from online classrooms to payment gateways.

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