Startup: Saurabh Started Embroidery Work, Now Earning 80 Thousand Every Month

Saurabh Deodhe, a resident of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra has been making home decoration items by hand embroidery on the dried leaves of the trees
Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

You must have seen people embroidering on clothes, but have you seen anyone embroidering on leaves? Maybe not. Saurabh Deodhe, a resident of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra has taken the initiative. For the last two years, he has been making home decoration items by hand embroidery on the dried leaves of the trees. His skills are also in demand across the country. They are marketing their product through social media. With this, he is earning more than 80 thousand rupees every month.

Parents wanted him to become a doctor or engineer

21-year-old Saurabh belongs to a farmer family. Saurabh's parents wanted their son to become a doctor or engineer, but since childhood, Saurabh was fond of embroidery and weaving. So he decided to move forward in the field of art itself. After this, he planned to study fashion designing. However, the family did not agree with this. They believed that embroidery and weaving were the work of girls, there was no career in it. Somehow Saurabh persuaded him and took admission to a college in Pune.

Embroidery learned while studying

However, Saurabh could not study here for long. According to him, creativity was not being given much attention in college. So he dropped out of college and then enrolled in another institute. Here his mind was engrossed and during his studies, he also learned embroidery. Saurabh says that then a friend of mine suggested that we should plan to do something of our own along with studies. So that we can earn some money. Saurabh liked his idea. However, they were not able to decide what kind of work to start and how to do it.

Started work by borrowing 1500

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

Meanwhile, one of his seniors was setting up a stall related to designing in Ahmedabad, so Saurabh took a small space from him in his stall for himself. Took 1500 rupees from mother. Buy needles, thread, cotton fabric, and hoops for embroidery. With their help, earrings, neck pendants, and hoops were made to decorate the house. All Saurabh's products sold out in just two days. Saurabh earned Rs 3500 by selling these products. After this profit, Saurabh intended to take this art to more people. While studying, Saurabh created a page on social media and started uploading pictures of his products on it.

The idea came during lockdown

However, Saurabh got the idea of ​​embroidering on the leaves when he came to his village during the lockdown. At that time Saurabh was kept in the Quarantine Center. He had nothing to do in his spare time. Then he thought of embroidering on the cloth itself, but Saurabh had only needle and thread. There was no cloth on which he could embroid. Then when he went out for a walk, his attention went to the leaves scattered near the banyan tree, and then the idea came to his mind that some art could be done on it too. Saurabh collected some dry leaves and started working. Soon he started making beautiful designs.

Returned to Pune after leaving a job

Saurabh says that when I started uploading pictures of art made on leaves on social media, people got a good response. People found this creativity unique. Soon there was a demand from the people. Earlier, where I could earn only 7 to 8 thousand rupees every month, there used to be a lot of earning. Meanwhile, Saurabh's studies were completed and he also got a job. The salary was good here, but Saurabh was not feeling like it. After working for a few days, he resigned and returned to Pune.

Coming to Pune, Saurabh plans to pursue his business. He was accompanied by his sister Prajakta and brother Aniket. Saurabh started getting 25 to 40 orders in a month. This got his work done again. They say that their products start at Rs 400. They spread their art by painting, embroidery, weaving on cloth as well as on leaves. Saurabh is currently marketing his product across the country including Assam, Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat.

Bollywood actors are also fans of Saurabh's art

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

Not only this, but many Bollywood actors are also fans of his workmanship. These include the name of famous actress Taapsee Pannu. He had sent a special hoop and earrings for Taapsee and Taapsee also posted about it on her social media. The scope of Saurabh's work is increasing day by day. He has earned 86 thousand rupees only last month. Saurabh has also done many workshops. They get a very good response from the workshop. So far, he has trained about 20 people in his two workshops. Saurabh says that he wants to take this work to a bigger level.

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