Startup of Home-made Spices in Lockdown, Now Marketing across the Country

Meher Kairon, a resident of Chandigarh, has been in the business of homemade spices for the past one year. They have customers across the country. They are getting more than 1500 orders every month.
Startup of Home-made Spices in Lockdown, Now Marketing across the Country
Image Credit: Bhaskar

In the last two years, Corona has affected the lives of the common man the most. Many people lost their lives, jobs were lost, businesses were ruined, millions of people had to migrate, but many people wrote their stories even in these difficult circumstances. People started a new business and are now on the road to success. One of them is Meher Kairon, a resident of Chandigarh.

More than 1500 orders coming every month

Meher has been a corporate lawyer in London. She has been doing the business of homemade spices for the last year. They have customers across the country. They are getting more than 1500 orders every month. Due to this, they are earning lakhs annually. Meher's early education took place in Chandigarh at the age of 30. After this, she graduated from America and then got a law degree from Cambridge University in England. After this, worked as a corporate lawyer in London for 3 years and returned to India in the year 2019.

This is how the business idea came

Meher says that after coming to India, I wanted to do something of my own, but before that, it was necessary to get some experience in the industry. So Meher joined a company in Mumbai. However, a few months later, there was a lockdown due to Corona and I had to come to my home in Chandigarh. During this time my interest in kitchen work started increasing. I started trying something new every day. Meanwhile, one day some spices ran out. My father used to get these spices from Kerala.

Then it was not possible to get spices from there due to the lockdown. I searched in the market, also bought some spices, but I could not find that test. Meher felt that such troubles must be happening to other people as well. So why not make such a platform for this, where all the spices prepared from the original source are available in one place. No one needs to go to different places.

The startup started after research

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

After this Meher started planning his startup. She researched various spices, gathered information about their manufacturing process and original source. After this, started the startup from his home at the end of 2020. She named his company Fairer Foods. Regarding the budget, she says that in the beginning there was not much budget. As our work grew, we also increased the budget. That is, keep investing according to the amount of money you earn.

What is the marketing strategy?

Regarding marketing, Meher says that at first, our acquaintances bought our products. Then we started marketing from the WhatsApp group. After a few days, we also prepared our website. The advantage of this was that people started sharing the link of our website among themselves. This has increased the number of our customers. However, all this was on a limited scale. After this, we adopted the strategy of digital marketing. In addition to posting on social media, we also started running promotional ads on Google. It got a very good response. The demand for our products has increased. Slowly we started getting orders from all over the country.

Meher says that our startup has not completed even one year, but our pace is good. Day by day the number of orders is increasing. At present we are getting up to 1500 orders every month. Sometimes there is more demand than this. We currently have more than two dozen varieties of spices. It contains all the spices required for the kitchen.

How are spices prepared?

Image Credit: Bhaskar
Image Credit: Bhaskar

Meher says we collect different spices from different original sources. The turmeric of Meghalaya is considered the best, hence it acts as an immunity booster. That's why we get turmeric from Meghalaya. Similarly, we source some spices from Kerala and some spices from Sri Lanka. That is, we get that spice from where we get the best spices.

After bringing the spices, first of all, we check their quality. After that do the processing work. We don't have any machines of our own, so now we grind spices on rent. After that our team does its packaging. For this, they have hired 3-4 women. Apart from this, they keep on recruiting employees according to the need. She says that we add its detailed information on the packet of spices. Like where did that spice come from, what is found in it, how is it prepared? So that the customer knows what is the original source of the product he is using and what is found in it. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives from outside in our products.

How to start a spices startup?

People are now turning to organic and natural spices. If you also want to start the business of homemade spices, then first you have to study about different spices. Which spices are in demand in which state, which brands are already available there, what is their cost, what will you innovate? With all these questions you have to make a master plan. Only then will you be able to do better, because there is no dearth of such startups in the market. You can start by buying a grinder machine for less than 20 thousand rupees. When the work is settled, you can expand the range.

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