PM Modi Launches National Automobile Scrappage Policy Today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually attended the Investor Summit being held in Gujarat today through video conferencing.
Image Credit: ANI news
Image Credit: ANI news

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually attended the Investor Summit being held in Gujarat today through video conferencing. He launched the National Automobile Scrappage Policy (NASP) at the summit, which was announced in the budget this year.

Counting the benefits of this policy, Modi said that now the vehicles will be scrapped not on the basis of their age, but if they are unfit for the fitness test. That is if the car has not been for 15 years, but it is unfit to drive, it can still be scrapped. Investors will invest Rs 10,000 crore in this.

Many benefits will be available on scrapping the car

Modi said that scrapping the old car will get a certificate. If you show this certificate while buying a new vehicle, then you will not have to pay money on registration. Also, some exemptions will be given in road tax. The new car will save on maintenance and reduce the risk of road accidents. Health will also be better and pollution from old vehicles reduced.

What is the scrappage policy?

Under this policy, commercial vehicles will be scrapped after 15 years and private vehicles after 20 years. However, due to the new rule, now the scrap will not only be done by looking at the age of the vehicle but will also be scrapped if it is unfit in the fitness test. Under this policy, car owners will not only get cash but will also get subsidies on buying a new car from the government.

Image Credit: Image Credit: ANI news
Image Credit: Image Credit: ANI news

How to know whether the car is worth scrapping or not?

The new rules make it clear that the car owner will have to get his car checked from time to time by visiting an Automated Fitness Center or Registered Vehicle Scraping Facility (RVSF). Here fitness test will be done on the basis of things like engine, transmission, body. Based on the test results, it will be decided whether to scrap the vehicle or not. The car owner will also have to show the necessary documents like insurance, registration certificate, PAN card, Aadhar card. You will also get some money if your car is scrapped.

How will the fitness of the vehicle be decided in the scrappage policy?

About what will be the measure of car fitness, YouTuber auto expert Amit Khare (Ask CarGuru) told that this policy is being designed according to European countries. The same rules that apply in other countries can be applied here. In this, the fitness of the vehicle will be checked on the basis of how much pollution is being spread by the engine of the vehicle, how much the vehicle is damaged, how is its gearbox and transmission.

If the car does not pass this fitness test, it will be scrapped. Also, if the wheels are too worn or if the suspension of the car has deteriorated, then the car owner can get a month's time for many such things.

What is the benefit to the car owner by getting the car scrapped?

Car owners get their car scrapped at the right time, then they will be given relief on buying a new car. After the car is scrapped, a certificate will be given to its owner. This certificate will have to be shown at the showroom when buying a new car. After which the customer will get an additional discount of 5%. This discount will be different from the discount available in the monthly or festival season. Also, the vehicle registration fee will not have to be paid. There will be a 25% rebate in road tax on buying a new personal vehicle. At the same time, those who buy commercial vehicles will get a rebate of 15% in road tax.

Why was the scrappage policy needed?

Cars more than 15 and 20 years old are present in the country. These cars are causing pollution. They have become completely weak in terms of safety. They also do not have advanced safety features like seat belts, ABS, airbags. In such a situation, driving these vehicles means putting the lives of others along with you in danger. The rate of head injury in accidents caused by new vehicles is also low. For this reason, the government has implemented a policy to scrap vehicles with poor fitness.

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