Patanjali Ayurved will Infuse Rs 3438 crore to Ruchi Soya, Shares on Boom

After all, Ruchi Soya, a company that makes edible oil, is now going to be Patanjali Ayurved. For this, Baba Ramdev's company Ruchi Soya will infuse capital of Rs 3438 crore. Know how much the interest Soya stock gained.
Patanjali Ayurved will Infuse Rs 3438 crore to Ruchi Soya, Shares on Boom

Patanjali Ayurveda will infuse capital of Rs 3,438 crore to settle the arrears of borrowers of Ruchi Soya under debt. This capital will be invested in the form of equity and debentures.

Ruchi Soya told the stock exchanges that the Mumbai bench of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) approved Patanjali's Rs 4350 crore resolution plan with some modifications in a September 6 order. Which has been accepted by the bidder. After this news on Monday, Ruchi Soya's stock rose 4.8 percent and the stock reached Rs 4.8.

The company said that the solution applicant Patanjali Group will infuse Rs 204.75 crore as equity and Rs 3,233.36 crore as debenture. The amount will be poured into the special purpose entity 'Patanjali Consortium Acquisition Private Limited'. Whose interest will later merge with Soya's.

Patanjali Group will infuse additional capital of Rs 900 crore into the special entity through non-convertible debentures and preference shares. He will also provide a loan guarantee of about Rs 12 crore.

The committee of lenders approved Patanjali's Rs 4,350 crore resolution plan for the acquisition of Ruchi Soya on 30 April 2019. Lenders have lost more than 60 percent.

Ruchi Soya told the stock market that out of the Rs 4,350 crore offered by the Patanjali group, Rs 4,235 crore would be used to pay lenders' dues, while Rs 115 crore would be used for capital expenditure and working capital of Ruchi Soya. Will meet the needs of

Rs 4,053.19 crore to secure financial lenders, Rs 40 crore to unsecured financial lenders, Rs 90 crore to operational lenders, Rs 25 crore to pay statutory dues, Rs 14.92 crore to employees and Rs 11.89 crore to bank guarantees.

A monitoring committee will be set up to oversee this entire process. It will have three members each from financial lenders and Patanjali Group. The solution will be in the land of professional Shailendra Ajmera Monitoring Agent.

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