Vitamin D along with stopping the virus increases the fighting ability

Due to deficiency of vitamin D, bones become soft and weak, which increases the risk of their breakdown. Vitamin D deficiency affects the energy level.
Vitamin D along with stopping the virus increases the fighting ability
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It is generally believed that vitamin D is only necessary for bones, but it is not. Along with the strengthening of bones, it also needed to boost the immune system. The most important function of VIT-D is that it also works to activate other vitamins. Apart from this, it also activates salts.

Image Credit: siHealth
Image Credit: siHealth

Vitamin-D has great importance in keeping the body healthy.

this is found in fish, cheese, eggs, liver oil. Along with this, the sun is the biggest and main source of vitamin D. By sitting in the sun for some time every day, your body also gets VIT-D. It keeps the bones strong as well as the immunity system.

Now that the whole world has been ravaged by the Coronavirus, it has become more important than ever to keep your immunity strong. Corona patients are also advised to take pills. It has been said in several studies that have been done so far that there is an increased risk of coronation due to deficiency of Vitamin. Let me tell you, Vitamin-D along with stopping the virus increases the fighting ability of the cells present in the body.

These damages are caused by Vitamin-D deficiency

Image Credit: Live Science
Image Credit: Live Science

A large number of Vitamin-D deficiencies have also been found among Indians. This causes the bones to become weak as well as the risk of fracture. Due to this, the body's ability to fight against diseases remains weak, the risk of cancer is high and the risk of diseases like hypertension, diabetes also remains.

How to complete Vitamin-D deficiency at home

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  1. Vitamin-D3 is beneficial for our health. This works to protect the screen from UV rays. Sunlight is the best source. But not afternoon sun, morning sun is beneficial. It also reduces the risk of skin disease.
  2. deficiency is also accomplished by eating salmon and tuna fish. If you do not like to eat fish, then you can also include eggs in the diet. It also does not cause vitamin-D deficiency.
  3. Dairy products also cater to VIT-D deficiency. You can complete Vitamin-D deficiency by including milk in your diet.
  4. Cod liver is also rich in VIT-D. This removes bone weakness.
  5. Eating carrots is also beneficial when there is a deficiency of VIT-D. It is better to eat carrot juice than eating carrots.
  6. If you do not eat fish, you can take one teaspoon of liver oil daily. One teaspoon of liver oil fulfills your body's daily requirement of VIT-D by around 56 percent.
  7. Vegan people are more likely to lack it. If you are vegan then you can opt for soy milk, almond milk, etc.

Keep in mind; do not take vitamin D too much. This increases the risk of kidney damage.

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