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The power of positive thinking is not in any other power in the world. Great people who understood its power achieved immense success.
Image Credit: Parade
Image Credit: Parade

The power of positive thinking is not in any other power in the world. Great people who understood its power achieved immense success. Positive thoughts always give strength to the mind to do good and something new, which increases the self-confidence of a man. Today we have told the thoughts on positive thinking of many great people.

Power of Positive Thinking

I think you will definitely agree with me that the power of positive thinking is remarkable.

"Your mind can change your world" – In a way, this idea sounds too good to be true.

I have experienced and I can assure you that focusing on positive thoughts can do anything for you, in your life.

Successful, healthy and happy people spend most of their time thinking about what they want, and what they do to get what they want.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

How does the power of positive thinking work?

This fact has been proved on the basis of scientific studies and examples of Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks and they show that the power is not in positive thinking or negative thinking. Rather, the power lies in thinking.

The fact that has been proved on the basis of his scientific studies and examples says that whatever thoughts (whether positive or negative) you hold for more than 45 seconds. Or rather say that whatever idea you start thinking about, the power of your thinking attracts more similar thoughts from the Universal Library. And the same kind of energy starts increasing around you.

Now whether you think positive or negative, this energy doesn't know analysis, discrimination, right or wrong. This energy attracts more thoughts like that one thought and gives them power.

Image Credit: Country Living Magazine
Image Credit: Country Living Magazine

List of Positive and Motivational Quotes

  • Some noble deeds in life should also be done in such a way that there is no other witness except God
  •  Success introduces us to the world and failure introduces the world to us.
  • If you want something with your heart, then the whole universe goes into making it happen to you.
  • Greatness is not in never falling, but in getting up every time you fall.
  •   Dreams are not what we see in sleep, dreams are what do not let us sleep.
  • The most important thing about success is that it falls on those who work hard.
  • You can't get anywhere without going the distance.
  • The lesser the traffic of thoughts in the mind. easier the journey of life will be!!
  • When a thought exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into a real, physical or mental state.
Image Credit: Bliss Quotes
Image Credit: Bliss Quotes
  •  Nothing is impossible in this world. We can do all that we can think and we can do all that we have not thought of to date.
  • "If you do not give Attention to Failure, you will never get success."
  • Patience is not a weakness, it is a strength that is not there in everyone..!!
  •  Bowing of the mind is also very important, God does not meet just by bowing the head.
  • Prayers never go empty, they are accepted at the right time.
  •  As long as you consider others to be the cause of your problems and difficulties, you cannot erase your problems and difficulties.
  • The scene can be bad, not the destination. A Round can be bad, not the whole Life.
  •  We don't have to be great to start anything, but to be great we need to start something good.
  • If we want to be successful in life, then we should find our weaknesses and make them our strengths.
  • The fun of winning comes when everyone is waiting for your Failure..!
  • All the powers of the universe are ours but still, the fault is ours because we put our hands on our eyes and then cry how dark it is
  • In the rainy season, where all the birds seek shelter, the hawk avoids the rain by flying above the clouds. The common problem is simply the difference in thinking.
  • Happiness is not a pre-made thing. Rather, we get it from our own actions.
  • There is no shortcut way in life, the destination is always achieved by hard work.
  • We should face the difficulties boldly because who knows, we have to face even more problems in future.
  • We move forward on the basis of our ability and not at the mercy of anyone.
  • Move forward in life so fast that the threads of people's evil are broken before they get entangled in your feet.
  • Man is made by his faith, as he believes, as he becomes.
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest
  • I will sink a little, but I will swim again, O life, you see, I will win again…
  • Who rejected me after seeing my time, I swear, I will bring such a time that I will have to meet by taking time…
  • Stairs are needed by those who have to go up to the roof. My destination is the sky, I have to make my own way.
  • You have to be thankful to all those people who left you in bad times.
  • Yesterday I was also a traveller, I am still a traveller, yesterday I was looking for my loved ones, today I am looking for myself!
  • Whoever has spent for himself, the world has searched for him on Google.
  • You should learn from mistakes and adopts other methods; You succeeded.
  • The work in which the limit of working is not exceeded, that work is of no use! Life is needed to beautify, cherish the moment where life stands.
  • The path of struggle; He alone changes the world. The one who won the battle at nights emerges as the sun
  • If life has been found, then show it as an example, otherwise, the pages of history are printed nowadays even by giving bribes.
  • If victory is certain, even cowards can fight. Brave are those who are sure of defeat, yet do not leave the field.
Image Credit: Antimaximalist
Image Credit: Antimaximalist

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