Metaverse: The future is here...

Metaverse is being called Web 3.0 and now it will not be wrong to say that after 5 to 10 years the way of using the internet will change completely.
Metaverse: The future is here...


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Roam anywhere while sitting in your house, play anything, go on a date or watch movies with your friends. It may be strange but this is true, the world of Metaverse has come, this is a world where you can do your daily chores sitting at home.

Metaverse means 'world beyond reality'. No one had heard anything about this word before 1992, for the first time in 1992, science fiction writer Neil Stephenson used this word in his novel 'Snow Crash'. The metaverse is a virtual world, where you will have the same experience as the real world, although it will be a computer-created world, but it is exactly like the real world.

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Snow Crash

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Metaverse internet acts as a 3D virtual space of our virtual universe. Virtual space means 'an imaginary world completely different from the real world'. 3D means which we can see by moving people around and up and down. In the language of mathematics, 3D which we can rotate 360°.

You all must have seen the Hollywood movie Avatar, just like the ‘Avatar’ movie, people stayed in one place but in virtual reality, they went to some other world, similar will be the world of Metaverse. Metaverse is being called Web 3.0 and now it will not be wrong to say that after 5 to 10 years the way of using the internet will change completely.

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‘Avatar’ movie

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The Metaverse is a fictional world created by combining advanced AI technology such as virtual and augmented reality. Which will give you a different experience. You can understand this with another example, you must have played many online games. The way you involve yourself in the game with the help of mobile or computer, one person can go to meet friends, can play with them, can kill them and also can dress up as they want. Metaverse is the same as this game but it will be much more real.

Future of Metaverse

If you have a feeling that in the coming time, Metaverse will fail, then you might be wrong, did we think 20 - 30 years ago that the world would be incomplete without internet?

In the same way, Metaverse will rule the world in the coming time and it is the future. Let us tell you that Barbados is the first country to have opened its own embassy in the world of Metaverse. And in the coming time, many countries will do the same.

Recently, Tracy, 60, and Gagnon, 52, had a virtual wedding, and this wedding was attended by their close friends and family members. They said that because of this, they have saved 30,000 dollars.

Not only this, with the help of Metaverse, education will also have a great impact, students who are currently studying using 2D and 3D will be able to understand every single thing in detail with the help of Metaverse as well understand many more things.

If you want, you can also buy your own plot, garden and concert halls in the world of Metaverse, but normal currency will not work in metaverse and it will work with cryptocurrency.

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Talking about the time of the Corona Era, the ways of meeting people, going to the office, or studying have also changed and virtual technology has replaced everything, so now, Metaverse is the future.

Metaverse will also become a new way to earn money.

Doubts on this technology...

Just as everything has a positive side, it also has a negative side, recently, a woman complained that she was sexually harassed on virtual reality. People have doubts that in the coming time, metaverse will fail.

The biggest environmental benefit is that it will reduce the human need for travel. Some analysts fear widescale adoption of the metaverse may result in a significant rise in emissions. Another impact of the metaverse could be in saving lives by reducing accidents that occur during training to perform dangerous tasks.

Metaverse will have a great impact in our lifes in coming future.

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