Journey from a seed of interest in Agricultural Sector to Startup a Renewable Product Enterprise

Vimal Panjwani with his mother Shobha Chanchlani, he is marketing many renewable products across the country including solar pumps, biogas digesters, electric tractors.
Agrivijay- Renewable energy-based products

Agrivijay- Renewable energy-based products

The demand for renewable energy-based products has increased in the last few years. However, there are few such platforms in the field of agriculture, where these products are available. Seeing this shortage, Vimal Panjwani, who lives in Ajmer, Rajasthan, started a startup during Corona last year. Together with his mother Shobha Chanchlani, he is marketing many renewable products across the country including solar pumps, biogas digesters, electric tractors. Till now he has done business of more than 50 lakhs.

32-year-old Vimal first did engineering and then in 2012 got an MBA degree. After that, he got the job. For a long time, he worked in different sectors. During this, he also got a job in a bank, where he used to work to get loans to farmers. From here his interest in the agriculture sector started increasing. Then he left the job and joined the agriculture-based startup. Here he worked with solar-based startups and biogas startups for a few years. Also worked for guiding many startups. Due to this, he got a good understanding of the agriculture sector.

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Vimal Panjwani and Team

Startup started during Corona

Vimal says, 'At the beginning of the year 2020, I wanted to change jobs, but then Corona came. Because of this, I could not join a new job. Sitting empty like this for a few days, then my mother said - You make a startup plan for everyone, help in setting it up, so why don't you start some work of your own. If you start something of your own, then I will also work with it.

Vimal says, 'Mother had retired from government service. He did not feel like sitting empty in the house. I also liked his idea that now he should do something of his own. After that, we started researching our startup. After a few days of research, in July 2020, we started a startup named Agri Vijay. Since he had a limited budget, he started working from home. With the help of a startup, we got the company registered and then applied for certification from Startup India. Then from November 2020, we started working.

Vimal says that we started our business with a solar water pump. Later on, we added Biogas Digester, Solar Inverter, Biogas Generator and Electric Tractor. All these products are renewable energy-based. It also benefits the environment and farmers get benefit from it. Because of this, we kept its price as much as that which a common farmer can also buy. The price of our product starts from Rs. This is the reason why we got a great response from the beginning and soon started getting good profits.

Marketing through both online- offline mode

Vimal says that we are currently marketing through both online and offline platforms. From our website and social media platforms online, people can buy and order any product. Our team tries to deliver the products to the doorsteps of the customers as soon as possible. Not only this, if any customer has a problem in installing the machine, then we also send our team members to the customer's house for help.

Along with this, our team is also working on an offline level in many parts of the country. We have opened our stores in about 40 locations in Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Through this, we are marketing our product. We get around 10 orders every month. Till now we have done business of 50 lakh rupees.

Call centre in local language to help farmers

Vimal says that most of the farmers of the country do not understand English. The farmers of linguistic states also face problems in Hindi. That's why we started the call centre in Hindi as well as in Rajasthani and Marathi languages so that any farmer who wants to get any information about the product can get it easily. Because of this, our product is reaching the villages also and farmers are showing interest in buying it.

Vimal says that we have prepared a prototype to prepare the product. Based on that, we get the machines ready from the manufacturer. That is, the idea is ours and it is manufactured by other companies. Then we bring it in, do quality testing and then market it. At present, a team of 13 people is working with Vimal.

Farmers are getting benefit from startup

According to Vimal, farmers are getting a lot of benefits because of his startup. In places where there is no access to electricity, farmers had to irrigate with diesel. They used to spend a lot of money on this, but with the help of solar pumps, farmers can irrigate easily. Along with this, we have also installed solar inverters in many places, with the help of this, electricity bill is being saved to a great extent. Similarly, the use of cow dung-based dung gas is also showing a significant change in the lives of the farmers.

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