How to Stay Productive and Organised at Your Work?

All we have to do is to increase our productivity by adopting some proven methods so that we can do more work in less time.
How to Stay Productive and Organised at Your Work?
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Sometimes when we go to sleep at night, we feel as if today's day has just passed. Was doing good..or should we trying to do better….but could not do anything special.

All we have to do is to increase our productivity by adopting some proven methods so that we can do more work in less time and spend the remaining time with our children, friends and parents or pursue any interest or hobby of ours and Then when we go to sleep at night, feel SATISFIED that yes today was a good day.

Here are some tips to Stay Productive and Organised-

Planning for tomorrow a day Earlier

Many times when we wake up in the morning we are not clear what to do now and mostly we are out of habit in checking the updates on mobile, checking email or turning the pages of the newspaper…and even in this work, we are not focused. Because at the back of mind keeps on going about what to do today? No?

Starting the day in this way means inviting unproductivity. So when you go to sleep at night, plan your day before sleeping in your diary* or mobile. In this, think about what you have to do for the whole day tomorrow and write down and allocate time accordingly.

Image Credit: PCMag
Image Credit: PCMag

Today's last thing should be to plan for tomorrow. There are ideas and insights and one advantage of this is that we do not waste time thinking about what to do when we wake up tomorrow… and we sleep well.

Start your morning half an hour earlier:

Well, getting up early in the morning is a desirable habit, but most people are not able to do this. By doing this, you will not be in a hurry as soon as you wake up. You will be able to wake up feeling comfortable in the morning with a positive frame of mind and you will be able to convert this good start of the day into a productive day. Try to avoid peak traffic times. Sometimes leaving just 10 minutes earlier or later can save you 1 hour.

Create a No Interruption Zone (NIZ)/ Do the most important things first:

According to a study, if we are doing some work in our full flow and someone interrupts or disturbs us in between, then it takes at least 20 minutes to come back to the same flow. So during the whole day, you can create one or two NIZs in which you will be doing only and only what you want to do and neither individual nor any device will interrupt you.

For this, you can also put a board of "DO NOT DISTURB" on your door or desk or you can work sitting somewhere else than your usual place. And of course, you will keep your Public Mobile Number on Switch Off or on silent during this time.

The only purpose of creating NIZ is to be fully involved in the work you are going to do and be able to do it. Therefore, while giving HIGH IMPORTANCE to this time, spend every moment of it in doing just that one thing that you had thought of doing.

Play with Mind:

Controlling the mind or mind is probably the most difficult task in this world. Well, it is difficult to control the mind but it can be played with it to some extent.

And along with saying this, you should be completely self-disciplined that you will not take any such physical action that will disturb your existing work. If you can do this then you will save yourself from a huge distraction and will be able to put your time in the right place.

Image Credit: Readbooth
Image Credit: Readbooth

Do the Repetitive work on a specific time:

Frequent tasks such as checking email, YouTube, Facebook, or WhatsApp …. Frequently viewing your blog's stats, or tracking sites. Because of this, we waste a lot of precious time.

Instead of looking at them throughout the day, you can keep them for some specific times like after doing the first work of the To-Do-List in the morning, while travelling, after lunch or dinner. I know, this will be difficult to do but it can be done by being self-disciplined and a lot of time can be utilized in the right things.

Start saying "no":

Warren Buffet, the world's greatest investor, says that – "The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say "no" to almost everything."

So don't get ready for everyone's work immediately. You can be prepared for such tasks where genuinely you are needed, but if someone gives you a task that he himself can easily do, then you should politely say 'NO'. With this, unnecessarily unnecessary work will not come in your bucket and you will be able to increase your productivity.

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