Image Credit: GN Rader
Image Credit: GN Rader

GB Whatsapp: Know About Latest Features and How to Use it…

GB WhatsApp app comes with some great features and functions. Its amazing functions force you to install it in your smartphone.

GB WhatsApp is also known by the name of the Ogmods app. In this app, you can make broadcasts of 600 contacts. In Gb Whatsapp, you will get different colour themes. Apart from this, 16 new icons can be used for messages notifications Recently, WhatsApp has been forbidden from sharing the verification code.

Image Credit: GN Rader
GB WhatsApp is Dangerous! Delete it Immediately If You Want to Avoid Damage

GB WhatsApp provides the very best features to the users. Do you also want to make your WhatsApp Chatting even more fun?.. So for this, you will get many cool features in GB WhatsApp app. To use these cool features, you have to download GB WhatsApp on your phone.

Download GB WhatsApp

Friends, whenever you have to download an app, then you quickly open your mobile's play store from where you can download any app but, This is a third-party app that you will not find on the Play Store.

When new updates of WhatsApp coming. Because of this, this app has to be updated. To know how to update GB WhatsApp, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the setting of your phone and click on Security in the setting.

  • Here you have to enable the option of Unknown Sources.

  • After enabling Unknown Sources, install the application on your phone.

  • Now open the app and enter your mobile number.

  • After entering the phone number it will automatically verify your phone number through OTP.

Image Credit: Techno FAQ
Image Credit: Techno FAQ

Now you can use GB WhatsApp on your phone

So in this way you can download GB WhatsApp app on your phone. Have you downloaded GB WhatsApp, then after downloading GB WhatsApp, you can use it by setting it accordingly.

GB WhatsApp for Android

Are you bored by running Original WhatsApp?.. And now want to run WhatsApp using Interesting Features…

GB WhatsApp app is a new version of Original WhatsApp itself, but you get more features than normal WhatsApp.  Although its functions are similar to Original WhatsApp, when it comes to features, you will not find so many features even in Original WhatsApp. The biggest reason for its popularity is its best feature "Status".

It is also like WhatsApp so that you can send message to anyone, send the photo, do audio-video, files, group chat, that is, we can say that all the mods of WhatsApp communication are available in it. But only so many features make it different from the original WhatsApp. So let's know about GB WhatsApp latest version

Features of GB WhatsApp

GB Whatapp gives you a reason to use it with its best features.  Really, these features are amazing. If you use them once, then you will like them very much.

Broadcast: In this, you can make a broadcast of 600 contacts, whereas in the original WhatsApp you could make a broadcast of only 250.

Images Limit: In this, you can send 90 images simultaneously. Only 10 images were sent in the original WhatsApp.

Hide Last Seen And Call Disable: Call Disable can also be done for a specific contact and you can also hide Last Seen for a specific contact.

Different Color Theme: You can also download Color Theme for this app and apply different Color Theme, whereas Original WhatsApp had only a White Theme.

Hide Blue Tick: In this, you can also Hide Blue Tick.

Videos Limit: It can send 30 Mb video, whereas in original WhatsApp only 16 Mb could be done.

Pin Lock: You can also set Pin Lock on Personal Chat so that no one can read it.

Set Auto Reply: Auto Reply can also be set. That is, when you are busy, you can use Auto-Reply.

Different Message Notification Icon: You can use 16 new icons for Message Notification.

Edit Image Before Sharing: You can also edit the image before sharing.

So, friends, these were the features which the users like very much because of these it is so popular.

Image Credit: H2S Media
Image Credit: H2S Media

GB WhatsApp Setting

To update GB WhatsApp Setting, we are further telling you about its most important setting.

Media Sharing: By going to its setting, you can set how the maximum and minimum picture and video uploaded by you can be. It has a Maximum Video Upload Limit of 50 mb and Audio 8Limit of 100mb.

Auto Reply Message: If you are busy then you can use this setting. You can write your message in it and when you are busy then this message gets sent automatically.

Change App Fonts: If you like to change the font style so that the fonts of your GB WhatsApp are in a different style, then here you will get many types of font styles.

Uses of GB WhatsApp

Open App: First of all open this app on your mobile.

Chats: Here you will see the option of Chats. In this option there are messages that you have done to your friend or someone has messaged you, that is, you have a chat in it.

Status: This option of GB WhatsApp is for Status. You can put a 30-second video, any kind of photo on Status. In this, the limit of photo and video is 30, meaning you can also apply up to 30 status in GB WhatsApp. This option is the best option of GB WhatsApp.

Calls: You can see in Calls who has made a video call to you and who has made a voice call and if you have also called someone, then that will also be visible in it.

Video Call Option: If you want to make a video call from someone, then you can do it by clicking on it.

Select Contact: If you want to message someone in your WhatsApp Contact, then you can do it with this option.

In this way, you have to use your GB WhatsApp. As we told you above that its new updates keep coming. In which more new features are available. So if the update of GB WhatsApp is coming in your phone too, then you must also update it.

Image Credit: Information Security Newspaper
Image Credit: Information Security Newspaper

How to update GB WhatsApp

To use the latest version of GB WhatsApp on your phone, if you also want to update it, follow these steps to update the GB whatsapp in your phone

Step 1 – First of all open GB WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2 – After this, you will see Three Horizontal Lines, click on them.

Step 3 – Now you have to click on the GB WhatsApp Setting option.

Step 4 – In the Gb setting, you have to click on the Updates option.

Step 5 – Now click on Check For Updates.

Step 6 – Now if there is a new version of the app here, it will show you the notification. If you see the latest version here then you can use Update.

Does GB WhatsApp is safe?

Yes, it is safe where you can also customize GB WhatsApp according to you. In this WhatsApp, you used to have trouble sending large size files and folders and it also took a lot of time, whereas in Gb WhatsApp you can send large size files and folders very easily.

Image Credit: GN Rader
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