Can Jeff Bezos be able to make Humans "Live Longer Young"?

Aging doesn't mean how we look or how can we do the work. Ageing takes place at the level of cells.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos has embarked on a new mission to defeat ageing. He wants to avoid death at all costs. He has founded a new company, Altos Labs, whose sole purpose is to assist people in saving for getting old. Along with this, it will work to prevent the death from occurring again. Jeff has appointed Hal Barron, Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline Company, as the CEO of Altos Labs.

Ageing doesn't mean how we look or how can we do the work. Ageing takes place at the level of cells. It has become clear in the laboratory that the skin cell of an adult human divides at least 50 times. After that the division stops. But this process happens 80 to 90 times in the body of a newborn child. At the same time, in elderly people, the division of cells occurs only 20 times.

Third process takes place in our DNA

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Following that, the cause of our increasing age is also in our genes. Our genetic material changes over time. For its change, the chemicals attached to it keep switching on and off. This is referred to as Epigenetic Changes. They continue to deteriorate as we age.

The third process takes place in our DNA. Telomeres Act are DNA segments that are continuously identical. They resemble a plastic cover tied around a shoelace. They keep DNA's twisted structure from becoming entangled with itself at the ends. However, whenever cells divide, these telomeres shorten but it is unknown whether telomere shortening is a sign of ageing or is it a part of the cell's ageing mechanism.

Ageing is a necessary part of a species' long-term development...

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Ageing is an important part...

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Immune cells stop their telomeres from shortening when they multiply in order to survive and prevent division. Some cancer cells behave similarly. It progresses to a state of near-immortality. There are also some medications that prevent Telomeres from doing their job, which are used in cancer treatment. However, some cancer cells are resistant to the drugs.

It was all a matter of procedure. It remains to be seen how Jeff Bezos, the new warlord, will handle the situation. But for the time being, the most pressing question is why does age increase? It was previously thought that ageing is a necessary part of a species' long-term development. That is, if a species must go through the process of evolution, one of its organisms must die and the other must be born. However, there is a flaw in this theory: most of the creatures on our planet do not live their entire lives. They either become prey or die as a result of diseases, either because of hunger or because of the changing environment. That is, an organism's physical ability to live has nothing to do with evolution.

Ageing is a side effect of our metabolism...

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Ageing is a side effect of our metabolism

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The second theory holds that ageing is a side effect of our metabolism as well as the effect of excessive UV rays from the sun. We all know that as we get older, our genes begin to deteriorate. It's also possible that getting older helps to protect us from cancer. That is, as cells sustain genetic damage, they cease to function in the body. As a result, the cell transforms into cancer cells.

Chemicals that repair damaged tissues...

Senescence is the process by which our bodies age. This is a process in which cells are alive but do not divide. Senescent cells gradually spread throughout your body as you age. As in the skin, the liver, the lungs, and the spleen. These are both beneficial and harmful.

They are beneficial because they release chemicals that repair damaged tissues. However, as the number of senescent cells increases, the correct shape of the body's organs and tissues is jeopardized. These cells are responsible for the onset of aging-related diseases. A decrease in senescent cells was observed on the rat a few days ago, indicating that it had grown young. His ageing had slowed.

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Repair damaged tissues

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According to Daniel M. Davis, professor of immunology at Manchester University, no one knows whether Jeff Bezos' new anti-aging company Altos Labs can stop ageing. Alternatively, to postpone the death, but there is no doubt that forming a company to study ageing and conduct research is a significant step.

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