WhatsApp's New Privacy Feature: No More Screenshots for Profile Pictures!

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WhatsApp Enhances Privacy

WhatsApp keeps working continuously to improve user privacy. The company has now released a new feature.

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WhatsApp Restricts Screenshots of Profile Photos

WhatsApp users will no longer be able to take screenshots of other users' profile photos, as the app has now blocked screenshots for DP. This information was provided by WABetaInfo.

New Update Arrives in Beta Version

WABetaInfo has revealed that beta version has been released. This update disables screenshots for profile photos. The feature has been rolled out to select beta users.

Necessity of New Feature Amid Deepfake Concerns

In today's world, many people are using Deepfake technology to create fake videos by extracting photos from social media. In such a scenario, this feature was quite necessary.

Profile Photo Save Feature Removed Five Years Ago

WhatsApp has removed the feature of saving profile photos five years ago, keeping privacy in mind.

No One Will Be Able To Misuse

The profile photo is considered personal property, and many people want to prevent others from downloading or saving it.

Testing is Currently Underway

WhatsApp's feature to block screenshots of profile photos is currently in the beta version. It will be released in the stable version after completion of all testing.