Virat Kohli Debunks Hopper's Report of Earning 11 Crore Per Instagram Post as False

Pradip Kumar

According to Hopper HQ, Virat Kohli earns around Rs 11.45 crore from an Instagram post.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra's name comes after Kohli in this list. Priyanka's earning is 5 lakh 32 thousand dollars.

Virat denied the news of earnings from social media and said, 'I am very grateful for whatever I have got in my life, but the news that is going on on social media about my earning is not true.

According to Hopper HQ, Kohli is number 14 in the top 15 in terms of earning from Instagram. Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's tops at number 1. Ronaldo earns around Rs 26.75 crore from one post.

Footballer Lionel Messi is second on the list of Hopper HQ. Messi's earnings from one post is being told as 21.49 crores. American celebrity Selena Gomez is at number three.

Virat Kohli is at number 14 in the list of celebrities around the world.