What will happen to those Who Remain in Afghanistan after Biden’s Rescue Mission?

President Biden announced the plan on Tuesday, in which he announced the withdrawal of 6,000 US troops from Afghanistan by August 31.
Image Credit: Al Jazeera
Image Credit: Al Jazeera

The process of evacuating foreign nationals from Taliban-occupied Afghanistan has intensified. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has warned US President Joe Biden that the August 31 deadline is in place. By this date, NATO forces, including the US, will have to leave Afghanistan. Afghan people are being stopped from entering Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, Biden also talked about speeding up his rescue mission on Tuesday. He also said that the State Department-Pentagon are working together. If the mission continues after August 31, then its timetable has been asked to be prepared. They fear that if American or NATO troops remain in Afghanistan after August 31, they may face terrorist attacks.

Well, now different agencies are assessing how many people are trapped in Afghanistan? How many people need to be rescued? These include those Afghans who were supporting the US-backed government at one level or the other. Such people are being told life-threatening.

How many people are currently trapped in Afghanistan?

President Biden announced the plan on Tuesday, in which he announced the withdrawal of 6,000 US troops from Afghanistan by August 31. These soldiers had returned to Kabul only to evacuate American officers and their Afghan allies. Now whether the Taliban will help in this or not, is not clear.

Image Credit: The Indian Express
Image Credit: The Indian Express

Biden said in April that 2,500 US troops were in Afghanistan and that they would be pulled out as soon as possible after 20 years of war. When the Taliban swiftly captured Afghanistan's provincial capitals as well as Kabul on August 15, the US had to send additional troops to evacuate its men.

There is currently one US flight flying every 45 minutes. As of Tuesday evening, 70,700 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan. More than 4,000 American citizens and their families have been evacuated. Thousands are still trapped. According to congressional officials, around 10,000 American citizens were in Afghanistan. It is not clear whether the 4 thousand people who have been evacuated are included in the list or not.

A report in the New York Times quoted refugee and resettlement experts as saying 300,000 Afghans were at risk. Their lives may be in danger after the withdrawal of American soldiers.

How many people can be rescued by the deadline?

US officials said the withdrawal of troops by August 31 was difficult. The soldiers present in Kabul include Marines and Paratroopers. They are increasing their speed, but even then the speed is very less.

According to Biden, 70 thousand people have been evacuated from 14 to 24 August. This also includes American citizens, NATO soldiers and Afghan people who were in danger. Biden has said that American troops will be pulled out, but his officials are saying that Afghan civilians who are in danger will also be pulled out.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Pentagon believes it will get all Americans out of Afghanistan by August 31. The Pentagon has also assured the evacuation of 500 Afghan soldiers who are helping keep Kabul airport safe. The speed of the rescue mission has been increased this week. Every day 20 thousand people are being evacuated from Kabul. Even after this, it is difficult to remove everyone by August 31.

What will happen to those who are left behind?

The Refugee Settlement Group Association of Wartime Allies estimates that some 2.5 million Afghan civilians contributed to the US effort. Out of these, only 62 thousand people have been evacuated.

Image Credit: Times of India
Image Credit: Times of India

The Taliban is saying that it will not retaliate against the Afghan people. Still, there are fears that people who help a government backed by the US will be attacked. His life is being told in danger. This includes soldiers and officers, including translators.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday that even after the withdrawal of American troops, the US would continue the process of evacuating threatened Afghan people by putting pressure on the Taliban.

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