Gun Culture in America: 20 Million Guns Sold in an Annual Period

Jumping into the scholarly literature on gun culture violence in the US can be intimidating, both because of the range of disciplines.
Image Credit: DB
Image Credit: DB

Jumping into the scholarly literature on guns and gun violence in the United States can be intimidating, both because of the range of disciplines that address the subject and because of the intensity of the debate over a few contentious questions. A non-exhaustive list of fields contributing to "US gun culture studies" would include not only my own field of history but also public policy, legal studies, criminology, sociology, political science, literature, and public health.

Gun Culture & Its Relationship

Despite the diversity of applicable disciplines, they have gravitated toward a few central questions. Some fields are interested in the origins of US "gun culture," its relationship to the founding generation, the Second Amendment, or the rapid development of the country in the nineteenth century. Others are oriented toward contemporary issues, typically those like the role of firearms in the United States' exceptional levels of violence among wealthy countries.

Image Credit: JSTOR Daily
Image Credit: JSTOR Daily

The sale of guns has increased in America during the Corona period. People are afraid of unrest. They are buying guns for protection. Along with this, guns are also being bought for hunting because people have a lot of free time. In the last year, 40% of those who bought guns were women. These also include single mothers and grandmothers.

The supply of gunshots

However, the supply of gunshots has become very short. The manufacturers of the pills say that they are producing more and more. But there is less space in gun shops and prices are also increasing. The short supply of bullets has also affected the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association. The association's executive director, Jason Wustenburg, said- 'Many gun trainers have unregistered their names from us.

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