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Rather than the customary models of family-possessed, corporate-supported, and controlled or publicizing driven papers, sites, and TV channels, can we rethink the media as a joint endeavor in the open arena between columnists, per users, and a concerned populace? One in which choices over what to cover and how to employ and where to send a reporter or picture taker, are taken by editors based on proficient judgment, without agonizing over what an owner or legislator, official or publicist may think or need.

About Since Independence

Since Independence is working under Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. It is another computerized stage about thoughts and occasions forming the world. Our means is to give news on the rush to a fretful new age. Be that as it may, we will likewise offer a setting and understanding for influencers and the more profound purchaser of information.

Recent college grads are characterized by a craving to know and have everything, and that is the thing that Since Independence endeavors to assuage through its impartial mirror. In this cycle, it continually questions the norm, starting important discussions en route. At the point where our assessments are deafening and captivated, we desire to make a center ground and construct spans. This interaction continually questions business as usual, starting pertinent discussions en route. We are focused on establishing estimations of the Constitution and thoughts of social value and equity. Our group is a group of newshounds, dissident narrators, editors, makers, creators, investigators, and columnists who have gotten started in the best newsgroups in the country. We figure out the deliberate confusion that is the present reality and try to present to you the new story.

The establishing reason for Since Independence is this: If acceptable news coverage is to endure and flourish, it can just do as such by being both editorially and monetarily free. This implies depending basically on commitments from per users and concerned residents who have no interest other than to support a space for quality reporting.

As a distribution, Since Independence will be solidly dedicated to public interest and popularity-based qualities. Aside from giving definitive examination and discourse, the point, as our assets develop, is to construct ourselves as a stage driven by ordinary providing details regarding issues of public and global significance and interest. Being on the web likewise implies utilizing new media advances to change the manner in which stories are told. with information and intuitive diagrams, video and sound as basic pieces of the story structure when justified.

Article Contribution

To contribute an article to sinceindependence or enquire about syndication, please write to support@sinceindependence.com

About Founders

Yogendra Singh Shekhawat and Tarun Singh Shekhawat is an ideal pair of ideal siblings and business buddy. They comprehend and support each other through great and terrible occasions, look for and infer guidance of one another in their choices, both individual and expert. They came into the business at an extremely youthful age.

Yogendra Singh and Tarun Singh started their first business, Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2015, when they were simply 23 yrs and 20 yrs respectively.

Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Digital Marketing and Software Developing Company. They began it with no monetary help from the family with simply an underlying capital of $5.

In our discussion with the originators, they shared their points and thought behind building up this news entryway. They said,” we have created sinceindependendence.com to give impartial and certified news to individuals from a dependable source.

A large number of per users all throughout the planet are following our locales and pages and we are before long wanting to dispatch a portable application for it for a superior client experience. We are additionally dealing with our graphical UI to give a superior perusing experience to individuals as individuals are moving towards advanced media.

We start today on an unassuming note, obliged not by our vision but rather by our assets. Meanwhile, we simplify an allure: read us, offer and tweet our substance, and send us your criticism- Yogendra Singh Shekhawat (founder & Editor-in-Chief ) and Tarun Singh Shekhawat (CEO)

How We are Worked

Since Independence is hoping to extend its Audience Engagement group. For this we need a partner with experience in news-casting and overseeing web-based media accounts.

You will build up a dream for forming and focusing on our news-casting for various web-based media stages, and you will be liable for understanding and growing new techniques, devices, and work processes as those stages develop. This implies you will develop our essence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, talk applications, and arising stages. Drawing in our per users, checking nearby and off-stage discussions for story thoughts, and coordinating per user's commitments and experiences into the everyday alter meets would be imperative.

Our Privacy Policy

Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. (“we”, “us” , “the site”) is unequivocally dedicated to the information subject’s (“you”, “your”, “endorser”, “client”) right to protection and to keeping your own and monetary data secure. To procure your trust and trust in our responsibility, we are completely unveiling our security rehearses. We urge you to peruse our protection articulation to comprehend what kinds of by and by recognizable data we gather and how we utilize this data. This assertion applies exclusively to the data gathered on sinceindependence.com

This protection strategy depicts the utilization of data gave or gathered on the locales and applications where this security strategy is posted. We follow this protection strategy as per material law in the districts where we work. Sometimes, we may give extra information security sees explicit to specific administrations or districts. Those terms are to be perused in blend with this arrangement.

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